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Today, Castalia House passed one million WordPress pageviews. Congratulations to Jeffro, the Castalia House blog editor, and to all of the authors, bloggers, and readers who made this happen. It may interest you to know that February 2017 has already been an all-time record traffic month.

A visit to Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter Nation site had this forthcoming book listed. I am always up for a weird western. The form has pulp roots with stories by Otis Adelbert Kline, S. Omar Barker, and Arthur J. Burks in the pages of Weird Tales and Strange Tales. Robert E. Howard wrote a handful […]

Masha K. (Marina’s Musings) “Each step brings more revelations, more complexity more demands on the reader’s brainpower and attention span, and you come out on the other end having not just read but experienced something very special.” Hans G. Schantz (ÆtherCzar) “As in his also excellent recent novel, Somewhither: A Tale of the Unwithering Realm, […]

You know, I think Karl Gallagher has been reading my stuff for almost as long as I’ve been writing it. So you’d maybe have a point if you were going to say that I’m maybe a little biased when it comes to assessing his work. But the thing is, it’s not just me that’s praising his […]

Congratulations to the many Castalia House authors, columnists, and editors that have been nominated for a Hugo this year. Here is the complete list: “Flashpoint: Titan” by CHEAH Kai Wai (There Will Be War Volume X) “What Price Humanity?” by David VanDyke (There Will Be War Volume X) “Seven Kill Tiger” by Charles Shao (There […]

Castalia House is pleased to report that the 2016 Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Award has been won by Dr. Jerry Pournelle: This award is presented once every two years for lifetime achievement in promoting the goal of a free, spacefaring civilization. The winner is decided by the vote of the entire NSS membership, not by the […]

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