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For the last fifty years, Meta-Man has been an enigma—a reclusive hero who does his duty but shies away from the public eye. What happened? Who is he? Unlocked from the archives for the first time, you can dive into one of Meta-Man’s early adventures and get a glimpse into his heroic world as he […]

Expect to see a lot of these notices over the next few months as we make more and more of our 40+ audiobook library available direct. Anyhow, SJWAL narrated by Bob Allen is now available at the Arkhaven store for $14.99 in high-quality MP4 format. It’s the first of the formerly exclusive-to-Audible titles we’ve been able to […]

Chloe Anderson is a physics student by day, a hard working, smart girl who’s close with her mad scientist professor, working with him as a teacher’s assistant. She has access to several of his inventions, and in order to help test them, she moonlights as the superhero, Meta-Girl. Johnny Benvinutti comes from a well-established Italian […]

This is the final day of the Alt-Hero: Q campaign, so if you’re interested in getting on board, this is your last chance to do so.  Remember to turn off NoScript if you’re placing an order! Thanks very much to all 1582 backers of the three components of the campaign; this has proven to be a […]

We are rapidly approaching your last chance to take part in the epic, history-making crowdfunding campaign that is Alt-Hero: Q! The campaign is fully funded, the request for arbitration has been fired off, the opt-out backers’ request for arbitration is in the works, as are the waiver backers’ individual requests, and the AH:Q team is hard at work […]

As part of our ongoing move to better serve the readers of Castalia House’s books, we are in the process of making our entire ebook catalog available from the Arkhaven store in both EPUB and Kindle formats. While it will take until the end of February to remove all of our books from Kindle Select, […]

All war is murder for profit. Some people are just more open about it. Wardogs Incorporated is one of the largest and most professional mercenary corporations operating in the Kantillon subsector. If you need a bodyguard, an assassination team, or an armored cavalry regiment complete with air support, Wardogs Inc. can provide it for you…for […]

We have one right here just in time for Christmas. First, the audiobooks, all in DRM-free MP3 format: The Last Closet by Moira Greyland. 14 hours 10 minutes. $19.99. Includes ebook Push the Zone by David the Good. 3 hours 17 minutes. $9.99. Includes ebook. A Magic Broken by Vox Day. 1 hour 43 minutes. $3.99. Includes ebook. Four […]

Today, Castalia House editor Vox Day discussed at his blog changes coming to how Castalia House will sell its books and audiobooks: Amazon is increasingly seeking to control and sell its own content rather than serve as a middleman. That’s precisely why Kindle Select and Kindle Unlimited have been adopted, to change the structure of […]

Arkhaven Comics is pleased to announce that the Alt★Hero: Q 2.1 campaign is now live. Alt★Hero: Q is an incendiary 150-page graphic novel in six parts that explores the mysterious phenomenon of QAnon and the war on global evil. The story is written by the legendary Chuck Dixon, who is backed by a first-rate professional art-and-production team. […]

JORDANETICS: A Journey Into the Mind of Humanity’s Greatest Thinker is now available for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Jordan Peterson is believed by many to be the greatest thinker that humanity has ever known. He is Father Figure, Philosopher-King, and Prophet to the millions of young men who are his most fervent fans. He is the […]

A HERO AT BRINKLEY is the sixth and final issue in the RIGHT HO, JEEVES series. RIGHT HO, JEEVES tells of the travails of the inimitable Bertie Wooster, summoned from the comforts of #3A Berkeley Mansions, London, to Brinkley Manor by his imperious Aunt Dahlia. Love is in the air and Wodehousian shenanigans are afoot, as […]