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A peregrine sailor returns to his home port of Venice in search of a famed emerald. On an Earth permanently hidden from ours by the sun, a young agent travels to the fabled city of Samaris in search for his missing colleagues. A Swedish mercenary must smuggle a holy relic out of Constantinople before the Fourth […]

You know, I’m not sure what I was expecting to happen when Appendix N finally hit Amazon. But look at these rankings for the major D&D non-fiction works on the market right now: #32,561 Paid in Kindle Store: Empire of the Imagination #74,548 Paid in Kindle Store: Appendix N #197,532 Paid in Kindle Store: Of […]

Our good friend Daddy Warpig isn’t the only one who can be passionately but rationally and analytically disgusted by steaming piles of crap. We at the Superversive team are capable of the same thing, and on that note, I’d like to tell you why the Netflix American Death Note film is an insult to the […]

It’ll probably shock none of you that the recently-launched and recently-cancelled The Mist TV show sucked. What may shock you is how thoroughly ghastly the suckage was. It permeated the whole show, and came in three varieties: entirely superficial suckage, suckage in central concepts, and suckage in execution. (Spoilers below. Like you even care.) Let’s […]

Last night, the Alt★Hero fundraising campaign concluded, exceeding its original goal of $25,000 and raising a total of $244,565. Originally planned as a three-volume comic series, thanks to the generous support of 2,190 backers, Alt★Hero has added a RPG, three novels, and nine more volumes, to include the second Alt★Hero series, Avalon, penned by Chuck Dixon. “This is […]

Comics (The Last Redoubt) WHY REBEL, AND NOT THE STRIPES — “Like it or not, a flag that was to some a symbol of states that fought to preserve a system that included slavery, and is associated purely with that by some, is to many, including some blacks who’s forefathers fought for the south, a symbol […]

Sword and sorcery paperback art had some minor players, some memorable, some not. One artist who produced some covers including one stone cold classic was George Barr (b. 1937). Barr got his start with the second incarnation of Amra starting in the late 1950s. He did a few covers for the Celia Goldsmith era Fantastic […]

I pride myself on being able to understand the fandom for various media despite not caring for them.  I despise Stranger Things, but I see why others like it.  I don’t hate Star Trek, and have even liked some of its properties, yet I have never understood how it becomes such a beloved, enormous franchise.  And […]

Such incredible support from the 1,700+ Alt★Hero backers. Some of you mentioned the traditional U-shape of a kickstarted campaign, but given the two mid-campaign bumps, we thought it was possible that we’d already pulled too much demand forward through our various announcements to see it play out in monetary terms. Alt★Hero is now one of […]

Mary Shelley gets a lot of credit these days. It’s been increasingly said that her seminal work Frankenstein birthed the science fiction genre. I personally find the arguments unconvincing, as do some of my esteemed colleagues. Make no mistake – Frankenstein was a great tale, and I certainly enjoyed my read-through of it last year. But […]

The image above is fan art contributed by a freelance pro who is supporting the project. If you’d like to see more of the real story, we’ve added another draft page at the Alt★Hero campaign, which has reached its penultimate day. And for those who may happen to be under the mistaken impression that we are laying […]

First edition Gamma World contains an intriguing hex map of post-apocalyptic America. It’s charming, but it consists only of rivers, unshaded triangle mountains, dark triangle mountains, and circles representing former cities of the ancients. There is no key. And there are no instructions on how to use it except for one brief aside in the […]