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ALT-HERO Freestartr Campaign is a Success –

ALT-HERO Freestartr Campaign is a Success

Monday , 30, October 2017 Leave a comment

Last night, the Alt★Hero fundraising campaign concluded, exceeding its original goal of $25,000 and raising a total of $244,565. Originally planned as a three-volume comic series, thanks to the generous support of 2,190 backers, Alt★Hero has added a RPG, three novels, and nine more volumes, to include the second Alt★Hero series, Avalon, penned by Chuck Dixon.

“This is only the beginning,” said Alt★Hero creator Vox Day, who is writing six volumes of the series as well as co-designing the role-playing game. “Fans and retailers alike despise how Marvel and DC are trashing characters they have cherished for generations. That is why it’s not going to be too long before you’re going to start seeing Alt★Hero games, and eventually, movies.”

“I have an entire year’s worth of continuity funded to build a cast of characters in a brand new universe. Very inspiring, Very exciting,” said industry legend Chuck Dixon, the longtime Batman writer and co-creator of Bane, who is writing the first six volumes of the Alt★Hero series Avalon as well as a standalone novel entitled Avalon: Vendetta. “The city of Avalon is already a very real place in my mind. I think readers are going to enjoy visiting.”

Thanks to all 2,190 of you who backed the Alt★Hero launch. We will do our best to exceed your expectations as you have exceeded ours.


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