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X-O Manowar (2017) is the ultimate embodiment of classic pulp concepts in a modern comic. The most recent incarnation by writer Matt Kindt, with different artists depending on the arc, has been pure, off-the-wall, action. It has a great mix of elements: strange aliens, strange devices, and a barbarian character goes into relentless battle that […]

I throw out groundbreaking new concepts like every day, because that’s the kind of supergenius your humble host is. For today’s bite, let me introduce you to a little concept I came up with last night, called: “The Total Crap Realization Time Lapse” When you were 5, you liked a lot of crap. Crap TV, […]

Heroism goes along with my job.–Lupin III After stealing bags of cash from a Monaco casino, Lupin and Jigen dump out their entire haul, recognizing the money as legendary Gothic counterfeits. Resolving to find the plates for their next caper, the thieves slip into the small Italian principality of Cagliostro. Their search is interrupted when […]

Well, if it ain’t the smell of villain.–Lupin III In 1987’s direct-to-video movie The Fuma Conspiracy, the utterly unthinkable has happened: Goemon Ishikawa, famed ronin of the underworld, is getting married. The Lupin gang reunites to attend his wedding to Murasaki Suminawa, the daughter of his martial arts instructor. The wedding ceremony is interrupted by ninjas […]

NOTE: All Asiatic names will be written with the family name first. Much has been written and spoken about the negative trend that Marvel Comics (and to a lesser extent DC) has taken in recent years with Mary Sue characters, preaching at the fanbase, and subpar art. A common reaction to this is “there’s always […]

“Believe me, the painting doesn’t do him justice. He’s worse than me.”–Lupin, describing General Headhunter. To keep his nation’s treasury out of the hands of thieves, the king of Zufu moved his nation’s gold reserves to a safe house on Drifting Island. After a coup topples the heads of the king and his son, Prince […]

One of the stranger entries in the franchise, Lupin III’s 40th anniversary special, the 2008 Green vs. Red, took a risk by not featuring its namesake character at all. Instead, it pitted two of the most iconic versions of Lupin against each other in a fight for the Lupin name, the Green Jacket against the […]

Diversity & Comics points out that something we’ve observed in written science fiction has now hit the comics good and hard: “They’ve taken romance out of comics entirely. You look at all the comic characters, the classic ones– the cis-white males we have to eliminate or replace– every single character you name you can think […]

I owe you a bullet wound, and I’m going to make sure that debt gets paid. – Daisuke Jigen Nine days after Queen Malta’s assassination at a peace concert, a sniper ends Lupin III’s latest jewel heist with a well-placed shot, sending a bullet into Daisuke Jigen’s leg. The thieves crawl away to safety before […]

Great artists and thieves are similar; they both know how to steal your soul.–Lupin III In 2015, Japanese and Italian investors collaborated to present the fourth main TV series in the Lupin III franchise. Reflecting the Italian involvement, Lupin traded his world-spanning heists for an Italian base of operations, and the targets of his heists, […]

Fifty years ago, manga artist Monkey Punch drew up the first issue of what was intended to be a short series to last a couple years. After reading fifteen of Maurice Leblanc’s Arsène Lupin stories, Monkey Punch decided to try his hand at his own gentleman thief, updated to the sensibilities of the 1960s, of course. […]

The Comics Code Authority is a much-maligned list of rules that comic book retailers adopted in the 1950s to stave off social criticism and possible government regulation. It is often blamed for “ruining the comics industry” at a time when more adult-oriented crime and horror comics were gaining in popularity, turning it into “kids’ stuff” […]