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Sky Hernstrom and I were discussing the feasibility of various Play By e-Mail (PBEM) concepts for miniature wargaming and while I was mulling over issues using a “standard” rule set (two armies of at least 30 figures each, representing at least four units) Sky recommended Void Pirates. Now, Void Pirates is 180 degrees from what […]

I caught wind of a rather interesting game in production by Perry Miniatures: A travel-oriented Wargame, creatively called Travelbattle that is available now. The news has elicited a mixed reaction, as with any product which is neither completely new to the genre nor groundbreaking in a highly-significant way. The reason I chose to examine Travelbattle is that […]

The Traveller role playing game is named Traveller because characters tend to be people at loose ends bumming around the galaxy. Large chunks of the game mechanics revolve around the mechanisms of, well, travelling — including how to pay for all that travel. Unless a character is lucky enough to get drafted into a service […]

My intent was not to post about Lego but I was researching a possible post on Tolkien’s The Hobbit themed games.  I remember The Battle of Five Armies set by Games Workshop (not really a GW fan but wish I picked one up) and was searching for anything good, maybe a group running a RPG incorporating […]

On Google + I discovered The Library of Gaming Maps community and recommend you check it out.  Currently, there almost 4k members with an active contributor base of artists who “……post and share maps they’re making, for the entertainment or aid of other gamers who may not have the chops or time to make their own!”. Browse […]

Electronic Arts (video game publishing superpower) is a pretty scummy company—voted “Worst Company in America” 2 years running!—but in the quest to milk every single dollar out of an increasingly alienated and cynical fanbase, they occasionally do something not completely horrible. (Or at least something marginally useful for the purposes of researching one of my […]

In two posts I’ve outlined my Classic Traveller setting: first by rolling up an entirely random subsector and secondly by musing on the nature of one of the polities with a focus on its capital and its location within the polity it leads. The capital of the Empire of Reason is the Ladfaus system which […]

After The Red Storm, my dad and I continued our WW 3 series with Fifth Corps, part of the Central Front Series. Let me tell you – this game was a slog. I don’t think I’ve ever played game more stressful for the offensive player. The map is impressively large, and we actually had one […]

I had a terrible weekend. How about you? For my part, I spent almost four hours watching E3 press conferences, first EA’s, then the Xbox’s, then Bethesda’s. And after seeing presentation after presentation, and trailer after trailer, my response is this: Utter and complete stupefied boredom. Nothing excited me at all.

I was considering writing about my recent readings of the Broken Sword or Neutron Star, but I’ve just been having too much fun with Rimworld. So much fun that I had to share. For those who may be unfamiliar with this one, Rimworld is a scifi colony sim/survival game inspired by the likes of Firefly, Dune, Alastair Reynolds’ Revelation Space […]

In my previous article I discussed how Euro games can have much of the feel of Wargames while looking at Chaos in the Old World. This week we are looking at a Wargame set on a board instead of a traditional tabletop called Gladiator: Quest for the Rudis. It’s a kickstarted game, and while it suffers […]

I am a member of the Miniature Gaming community on Google + and recently a post grabbed my attention.  Titled 1806 Direction Iena the link took me to a blog of French wargamers,  Association – Les Riflemen.  The Iena post was an after action report accompanied by photos of nicely painted figures along with maps portraying the […]