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As follow ups to NATO: The Next War In Europe, my dad and I broke out two VERY different WW3 game to try out. The first was The Red Storm. This game simulates the first big push into West Germany and towards the Low Countries and France’s border, though it does so on a much […]

There have been some interesting conversations on social media and throughout the blogosphere on what exactly an “RPG” is. Hell, there have been discussions on what qualifies as a “game.” I’m not going to dive too deeply into that right now, but suffice it to say I’m a lot more open to a wide and broadly-encompassing […]

Last session we explored a quick and easy way to get game ready terrain for your miniature wargame. Today we’re taking things into a whole new dimension – the third dimension, to be precise.  Once again, our focus will be on a few key items that add visual interest, force player choices, and won’t break […]

After discussion amongst some of the Wargame Wednesday regulars if 3D printing has come of age for tabletop wargames and due to having spent a lot of coin on figures over the years, I decided to take a look. This excellent article summarizes the evolution of the miniature gaming up to the introduction of 3D […]

I’ve nearly finished with the Solomon Kane stories, but there’s still a lot of chew on.  My most recent Howard-inspired musing flows from a line in “The Blue Flame of Vengeance.” Please excuse me as I meander a bit; of course I welcome you to join me. “While evil flourishes and wrongs grow rank, while […]

In this week’s class on tabletop miniature wargaming, you are going to learn the fundamentals of building the ground over which your miniature soldiers will fight, and upon which they will bleed. You should expect to spend no more than twenty dollars for this utilitarian terrain terrain system, which will provide countless variations capable of […]

Victory Games’ NATO: the Next War In Europe was an excellent change of pace. While each turn had a rather lengthy order of play with dozens of phases, it actually played out quite smoothly! We made a few mistakes our first time through, but it still ended up being a fun and fast-paced strategic level […]

Welcome back, grognard-in-training. Last time we discussed the decision process you follow when choosing a new wargame project.  This time we discuss the first steps in constructing your wargame.  After you’ve run through the iterative process of choosing figures and a ruleset, and have the figures themselves in your hot little hands, it’s time to […]

To continue on the theme from my last article on morale, I want to touch on another area Wargames do not typically handle well–the setup. Major happenings before or leading up to a battle often determine the outcome far more regularly than the actual fighting. I was struck by this while reading Xenophon’s Anabasis, in particular […]

This game is not what you think it is. You’re going to sit down to play this one and you’re just  going to be shocked when it doesn’t play like Star Fleet Battles or Federation Commander or Car Wars. The sequence of play is just brutal. I mean you’d think this should be like Federation […]

While I was enjoying the holidays here in the States over the last month, I was reminded how a “holy day” can have an effect on people’s moods: More thank-yous, more strangers holding doors, more patience, less eagerness to jump on small issues. Naturally this contrasts with the “normal” behavior we do witness—no matter the […]

Miniature wargamers are both blessed and cursed to live in a golden age of the hobby. Thanks to advances in material science and manufacturing, combined with the reduced cost of shipping and ease of cross-border payments, the cost and selection of figures available to wargames have never been better.  The revolution in self-publishing has led […]