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September – 2021 –

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Writer’s note: Recently my attention was drawn to the Ace Attorney series for the first time when a new game (2, actually) was released in the west, the “Great Ace Attorney Chronicles”. I learned that Sherlock Holmes (or technically, “Herlock Sholmes”) was in the game and it would be set in Victorian England. Since I […]

Review (Brave New World Media): A new, expertly edited collection of J. R. R. Tolkien’s writing on his elaborate mythology reminds us of its greatness. When J. R. R. Tolkien (b. 1892) passed away in 1973, he left an immense amount of unpublished writings — much of which consisted of his own personal Middle-earth mythology, known […]

Family legacies, undying mercenaries, and cultivtion challenges fill this week’s new releases. Backyard Starship – J. N. Chaney and Terry Maggert When Van Tudor returns to his childhood home, he inherits more than the family farm. His grandfather used to tell him fantastic stories of spacemen and monsters, princesses and galactic knights. Little did Van […]

A new fantasy anthology is Swords of Fire 2 from Rage Machine Books. The first Swords of Fire anthology was in 2010. Format is trade paperback, four novellas, 203 pages. G. W. Thomas is editor, cover by M. D. Jackson. The introduction is short and to the point. Editor G. W. Thomas discusses the format […]

Publishing (Rawle Nyanzi): Understand something right now: If you talk about an IP, you are marketing it. It doesn’t matter if it’s praise or critique, squeeing or shouting down. All of these video complaints about modern American pop culture only strengthen it because all the attention makes it relevant, no matter what that attention is. […]

I mentioned last week that I have read way too much 1950s science fiction this year. Philip K. Dick and Science Fiction Adventures made up the bulk of it but a few other items sneaked in. Edgar Pangborn’s West of the Sun was an impulse buy at a Half-Price Books back in February. The back […]

God might not play dice with the universe, but the devils do. In The Black Moon Chronicles: The Sign of Darkness, written by François Marcela-Froideval and drawn by Olivier Ledroit, Lucifer grows tired of his generals throwing matches in their little games. So he engineers a game in the mortal world where none of the […]

Post-apocalyptic hell divers, fungoid dungeon lords, and summer break robot bottles stride through this week’s new releases. Boy Battles Bot (Space Invaders #1) – A. K. Meek Something strange is happening in Apple Valley…and it all begins one night when ten-year-old Jimmy sees a mysterious object crash to Earth. Investigating, he finds an alien bearing […]

Games (Pulp Rev): The video game is the defining entertainment medium of the times. Combining high-impact visuals, immersive sound and deep player engagement, all within the comfort of the player’s home, the video game is the epitome of technological leisure. Its influence bleeds out into other media. In writing, we see this in the immensely […]

You have all probably seen the movie, The Dirty Dozen. Seems like it ran every month on one of the cable channels back in the 90s. It was a movie like The Magnificent Seven and The Great Escape that would feature an ensemble cast of male actors doing manly things. I picked up a beat […]

“You wanna be a major-leaguer? Then put on a swimsuit and punch a dinosaur!” All Carly Vanders every wanted to do was to make cute clothes and get a little recognition for it. When she was young, her teacher tried to push her into athletics and breaking glass ceilings instead. Now that she’s grown up, […]

Viking game worlds, Celtic fairy space opera, and genetic cyberpunk flavoe this week’s new releases. Colony (Battle Ring Earth #2) – John Frater Hiding deep in the Sleer battle ring, Simon Brooks and Sara Rosenski are learning the ways of the Sleer and to trust each other. Each day brings a new discovery and more […]