Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 11 September 2021

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Viking game worlds, Celtic fairy space opera, and genetic cyberpunk flavoe this week’s new releases.

Colony (Battle Ring Earth #2) – John Frater

Hiding deep in the Sleer battle ring, Simon Brooks and Sara Rosenski are learning the ways of the Sleer and to trust each other. Each day brings a new discovery and more danger, while Ray Fairchild, COP of Hornet Squadron languishes on Earth, suspected of treason for abandoning them on the alien structure.

Forced to choose between his career and his crew, Fairchild enables a rescue mission back to the Sleer structure while a maniacal Sleer commander moves to stop them.

But Sleer reinforcements arrive and Earth’s defense is in disarray…and where are Brooks and Rosenski?

Eerie – Gibson Michaels

In first century Ireland, the Celts and the Fae fend off an invasion of Roman legionnaires. In the Thirty-third century, a mining colony fights for survival as the world around it shakes and shatters. An ancient species seeks to end its long exile and return home. Three disparate worlds, separated by millions of light years and over three millennia of time, are now on a collision course. Their ultimate fates will be decided on a cold, barren world that is suddenly springing to life… Éerie.

“As fate determined that we would only get four stories from Gibson Michaels before he was taken from us, then it is only fitting that this work should be his grand finale. With Éerie, Michaels weaves a spell-binding tale that highlights the very thin line that exists between fantasy and reality. Éerie will leave you asking ‘Are we the dreamers or are we the dream itself?” For in the realm of Éerie, what seems real may not be real at all and what seems unreal is very real indeed.” – Richard Paolinelli, Author of “Escaping Infinity”

Honor & Iron (Frostworld #2) – Blake Arthur Peel

To weather the coming storm, you cannot stand alone…

Jarl Beckström has done the impossible. He has changed his class, leveled up, and joined the most elite warband in Norvaask. But in the aftermath of the battle with the draugr, chaos reigns. The Clan Lord has been usurped by his own brother, and the clanhold’s armies have been all but devastated.

Leadership is needed now more than ever.

A change in fortune places Jarl in a position of power, and he struggles beneath the weight of his newfound responsibly. Freya, on the other hand, now finds herself enslaved to the Spear Maiden, the infamous war leader from Jotungard, and wrestles with the fact that she may never be a fireborn again.

Meanwhile, darkness continues to spread. The legions of the undead are growing, and if left unchecked, they will consume the whole of Njordrassil like a plague.

Blood feuds must be ended. Alliances must be forged. The people must fight together or die alone. But can a mud farmer-turned-battleborn unite them

Only time will tell.

Myrmidons, Inc.: Urbicide – Jamie Ibson

In the 27th century, war is the continuation of business by other means.

MegaCorporations are scattered across dozens of colonized systems. They hire disposable contractors for whatever needs to be done. Paragon Savage Genetics is one such MegaCorporation. They are the undisputed masters of gene-splicing who are now cloning animal-hybrid ‘genie’ sicarios for rent or sale.

Selina ‘Ocelot’ Linares is their latest product.

La Republica del Escobar’s government is Paragon Savage’s biggest client. As the corrupt regime careens closer and closer to a civil war, Ocelot and her fellow genies are contracted to work for Presidente Vasquez.

When the situation grows too hot, though, rival MegaCorp Apex Energy hires Myrmidons, Inc. to extract their VIPs and demolish the facility. And if the Myrmidons can hit Paragon Savage on the side and extract a little paydata, well, that’s just business…

…and business is good.

Rebel’s Run (Space Troopers #2) – Jamie McFarlane and Rachel Aukes

With countless bounties on their heads, Jai and Peyton Foster will risk everything just to survive…

When corporations will stop at nothing to silence the young patriots, the orphaned siblings realize that being powerless is something they can’t afford. Separated by circumstance and with every civilized port closed to them, they’ll take full advantage of the skills taught to them by the very people who seek to hunt them down.

Jai has no choice but to tap into a rebel network when he finds himself stranded and alone in the outer belt. It’ll take every bit of guile and training to stay alive while he searches for truth so dangerous that it could cause the extinction of humanity.

Captured by pirates and thrown into a meat-grinder war between opposing factions, survival very well might cost Peyton more than her life. Unwilling to be a pawn in anyone’s war, she seeks to turn the tables on her captors… and she’ll risk everything to come out on top.

Spacers: Thatcher’s Gambit – Scott Bartlett

The fate of the star cluster

Captain Thatcher has survived the crucible of Lacuna Region and escaped to the Cluster’s south, where he hopes to gather allies in the fight against Simon Moll.

Moll’s betrayal has haunted him for months, and he lays the death of Veronica Rose directly at the man’s feet. Thatcher will stop at nothing in his mission to avenge her.

But friends are hard to come by in this cutthroat Cluster, where allegiances shift like sand. Thatcher is quickly learning that in the final reckoning, he only has his own wits to rely on – and the strength of the starship crews under his command.

The time has come to deploy his riskiest gambit yet.

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