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February – 2014 –

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We are very pleased to announce that we will be publishing a select collection of John C. Wright’s insightful essays, entitled TRANSHUMAN AND SUBHUMAN: Essays on Science Fiction and Awful Truth. Mr. Wright was a finalist for the 2005 Nebula Award for Best Novel and was described by Publisher’s Weekly as “this fledgling century’s most […]

We are pleased to announce the publishing of two new books today. The first is BIG BOYS DON’T CRY by Tom Kratman, the well-known military science fiction author. Big Boys Don’t Cry is a novella from military science fiction author Tom Kratman, known for A Desert Called Peace and the Carrera series. The novella follows […]

In addition to PDF, we are adding EPUB to our list of format-preferred submissions. However, we still require all of the relevant information to be included in a single file and we would prefer it if submitters would recognize the following xhtml-formatting conventions: —TEXT— should be —TEXT— TEXT– should be TEXT– … should be … […]

Tom Kratman has turned in the final text for the Mil-SF novella Big Boys Don’t Cry, it has been edited, and has already gone out to the translators. The official release date for the English version will be 24 February, 2014. We anticipate publishing the German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Serbian versions by 31 […]

There has been considerable discussion over the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional publishing model versus the new “shared risk/revenue” model utilized by many independent publishers, including Castalia House. With the intention of shedding light on the situation, rather than obscurant sound and fury, we have constructed a comparative analysis of Robert Heinlein’s landmark SF […]

After consulting with our massive stable of authors and a number of translators both amateur and professional, we have decided upon what our standard translation policy will be going forward. Our first objective is to ensure that the translations are profitable for us so that we can stay in business. Our second objective is to […]

Tom Kratman’s forthcoming novella, Big Boys Don’t Cry, will be translated into the following languages: German, Spanish, Russian, Serbian, and Italian. We expect the translated versions to be released within 6 weeks of the English publication.

Castalia House is extremely pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of a Tom Kratman novella entitled Big Boys Don’t Cry. It is scheduled for release on 1 March 2014, and will be available in Kindle and epub format for $2.99.

Unfortunately, Amazon does not presently support Bahasa Indonesia, the primary language of Indonesia. Fortunately, however, Smashwords does, and so we are happy to be able to announce the publication of Mantra yang Rusak. Translated by Mint Wilson, Mantra yang Rusak is the Bahasa Indonesia edition of A Magic Broken. Adalah kisah fantastis tentang angkara, keberanian […]

Today and Friday, Uma Magia Perdida, the Brazilian Portuguese edition of A Magic Broken, is available for free download from Amazon. In case you ever wanted to practice your Portuguese, here is your chance. We also wish to thank the 625 people who downloaded The Wardog’s Coin yesterday, and we hope you will enjoy both […]

In honor of today’s publication of Uma Magia Perdida, Castalia House is giving away free downloads of THE WARDOG’S COIN on Amazon.

We’re pleased to be able to announce that Uma Magia Perdida, the Brazilian Portugeuse version of A Magic Broken, is now available for purchase from Amazon. Translated by Daniel Wilhelm Mayer, the description of the novella is as follows: “Passando-se no mundo épico de A Throne of Bones, Uma Magia Perdida é uma história fantástica de […]