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Vengeful mummies, computerized magi, and nightmare men kick off this week’s new releases. Awaken Online: Inferno (Awaken Online: Tarot #3) – Travis Bagwell A crippling wound. A war looming on the horizon. A demon king to kill. Finn and his companions barely escaped their encounter with Bilel. But not without a cost – including the […]

Horror (Dark Herald): The reason is simple enough, before the Enlightenment, people believed in the supernatural. It wasn’t a matter of ignorance, it was a matter of everyday life. If you believed in the Bible, you believed in the supernatural. It was filled with the stuff. Games (Walker’s Retreat): Around the end of 2013, a […]

Dashiell Hammett’s character, the Continental Op was one of the first hard-boiled detectives in the pulp magazines and one of the greatest. He appeared in 28 stories (mainly of them novelettes and novellas) and two novels. All but one story was in Black Mask magazine from 1923 through 1930. I find the Continental Op stories […]

Can you say, “Refuge in Audacity”? Not that I expected anything less from J. Manfred Weichsel, especially when he’s expanding “Alter-Ego” from his short story collection, Going Native. And in some ways, that makes reviewing this difficult. See, I’m so far away from the audience for this that it’s not that I don’t appreciate the schlocky Skinnemax […]

Magical schools, interstellar feuds, paranormal fixers, and superheroine team-ups shine in this week’s new releases. Badger Company (The Torashad Wars #1) – Eric T. Knight and Dylan Knight Only the insane or the truly desperate sign up to fight in the Torashad War… For Badger Company, a motley group of misfit mercenaries, there simply aren’t […]

Lovecraft (At the Villa Rose): What interests me most is Lovecraft’s literary doctrine, this definitive refusal of realism rooted in a no less definitive refusal of reality. Lovecraft, Houellebecq says, found both the modern world and life in general to be boring and repellent, and antithetic to artistic creation. Hence the radically abstract character of […]

October 8th was the 100th year birthday of science fiction writer Frank Herbert. Of course, he is best remembered for Dune. His first story was in Doc Savage in 1946. His next story was in Startling Stories in 1952.  Thereafter he had stories mostly in Astounding Science Fiction/Analog with appearances in Galaxy, Amazing Stories, Fantastic […]

The tumult of recent events have fostered a desire to read more classic American historical fiction. To remember the stories we once told about ourselves instead of those others tell us we must be, at a time when all sides tell us to be anything other than what we are. To learn once more of […]

Space truckers, murderhobos, Hell invaders, and the Dragon Spooker fill this week’s new releases.. The Godblade – J. Christopher Tarpley The warrior-smith Rænon, after witnessing the return of Brakur the Insane God, has returned to his homeland in Aelbrond. Now he must seek the tomb of the dead god Farick for the remains he needs […]

Cinema (Shuker in Movie Land): Tonight [26 September 2019], I finally got around to watching another one from my ever-expanding collection of crypto/monster B-movies on DVD. Directed by Sean Cain and first released in 2015, this one was Terror Birds. As its title suggests, Terror Birds is all about reclusive zillionaire Harvey Sullivan (played by […]

Mark Voger’s Monster Mash is a look at “The Creepy, Kooky Monster Craze in America 1957-1972.” This is a hardback book from Two Morrow Publishing from 2015. I got this book thinking it would be an overview of horror from 1957-1972. No, this covers monsters in popular culture in that period. The book has six […]

The new releases chosen for this week’s review both underperformed enough that an honest review would be uncomfortably close to a roast. Since I am still halfway through the classic Revolutionary War novel Rabble in Arms, which I intend to review next week, here are a couple reviews of older SFF books from the Castalia […]