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The all new pulp magazine Storyhack is a go! Bryce A Beattie has the latest news at his blog: We’re down to the last little bit for the StoryHack campaign on Kickstarter. We’ve hit and gone a little over the goal! Issue #1 is getting made. Thank you to everybody who has helped this happen. […]

The Wardog’s Coin is the second story in the Selenoth series and focuses on a single border campaign, allowing for a different format than the first of my Summa Selonothica posts. The companion story, Qalabi Dawn is not covered here. As in my original, this post shouldn’t be viewed as a recap but more as a […]

It’s like a moth to flame with me. First there was GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling. That one  was my first full-length book for anyone: 35,000 words of fairly detailed subsystem that was my first attempt at taking grappling rules and put them on the same scale and mechanical basis as striking with fists or […]

We might be in the middle of a spontaneous movement of small press fantastic adventure fiction. Return of the Sword, Griots, Swords of Steel, Skelos, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Swords and Sorcery Magazine have a D.I.Y. attitude. I think there has been a reaction against the blandness and “whoosification” of fantasy fiction from the big book […]

It has been one and a half years since the last issue of Weird Tales has been published. Weird Tales has undergone four separate attempts at reanimation. There was the Sam Moskowitz edited version for four issues in 1973-74. That was a mostly reprint magazine of public domain material with a few new stories. Lin […]

I have a soft spot for Gardner F. Fox (1911-1986). Fox is probably best remembered today as a comic book writer. He created The Flash, Hawkman, the Justice Society of America. He gave us Batman’s utility belt. Fox also had a pulp career starting with “The Weirds of the Woodcarver” in September 1944 issue of […]

A new book of essays was released on October 1st. The Unique Legacy of Weird Tales is the last of Rowman & Littlefield’s Studies in Supernatural Literature volumes. Sunand Tryambak Joshi was the editor of this series that made it to seven before getting the headman’s axe for poor sales. Joshi stated he had no […]

Dr. Martin van Creveld, Professor Emeritus of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, is one of the world’s leading writers on military history and strategy, with a special interest in the future of war. He is fluent in Hebrew, German, Dutch, and English, and has authored more than twenty books. He is known for his development of […]

An interesting anthology of sword and sorcery fiction is The Barbarian Swordsmen. This was a U.K. paperback from 1981 published by Star Books edited by Peter Haining under the pseudonym “Sean Richards.” Why the pseudonym? L. Sprague de Camp was the first to put together an anthology of sword and sorcery fiction with Swords and […]

It’s been a great first year for Castalia House. And 2015 is going to be even better, as we’ll be publishing new authors, new languages, introducing new anthology series, and finally getting the second book in the Arts of Dark and Light out. Here is the list of our 10 bestsellers in 2014; keep in […]

We are pleased to finally be able to announce the release of Volume I in our annual military science fiction anthology series, RIDING THE RED HORSE. The collection consists of 24 short stories and essays, which cover a wide range of history from the Battle of Leuctra to galaxy-spanning space empires in the far future.  […]

We are exceedingly pleased to be able to announce that Castalia House will be publishing a new book by Martin van Creveld, the distinguished Israeli military historian, in the new year. If you have not read his influential The Transformation of War or his informative history of modern Israel, The Land of Blood and Honey, […]