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Horror Fiction (Too Much Horror Fiction): Known for penning the novel The Night of the Hunter upon which the classic 1955 movie was based, Davis Grubb (1919-1980) was a West Virginia native well-versed in the pride, poverty, tribulations and superstitions that were endemic to that region. This collection of short stories ranging over 20 years, […]

There was a time in the 1990s that Brian Lumley was one of the big names in horror fiction. Lumley was someone I read in Lin Carter edited anthologies in the early 80s. Tor published the first Necroscope book in the U.S. in late 1988. A steady number of paperbacks in the series followed through […]

The Shadow cleans up Chicago in Gangdom’s Doom, the fifth Shadow novella. Inspired by the April 1931 Chicago election, The Shadow takes on the crime empire of Nick Savoli, a thinly disguised stand-in for Al Capone. Gangland Chicago was a breeding ground for pulp stories, from Amusement, Inc. to Black Mask and a host of hero and detective […]

Ring in the new year with an action-packed collection of new releases featuring cloak and dagger espionage, assault mecha, giant robots, and renegade starships. Combat Frame XSeed: CY 40 Second Coming (Combat Frame XSeed #3) – Brian Niemeier It’s not over. Genius or madman? Monster or Savior? Arthur Wake is missing in action. His fragile […]

The various crews at Arkhaven, Dark Legion, Castalia House, Infogalactic, SocialGalactic, and Unauthorized wish you a very Merry Christmas indeed.

Dashiell Hammett (Don Herron): Mean Streets readers get a Christmas Treat this year from no less than the pulp authority John Locke, doing a deep-dive into the origins of Hammett’s career as a writer. John made a cool discovery in the forgotten trade magazines of yesteryear, he and Terry Zobeck exchanged a few remarks about […]

The third bio-bibliography book in this series is Talbot Mundy: Messenger of Destiny compiled by Donald M. Grant. Talbot Mundy is one of the great writers for Adventure magazine in the 1910s and 20s. He had the Jimgrim series, about a British agent in India ferreting out skullduggery. Tros of Samothrace was a series in […]

It’s been four years since the Confederation and her allies stopped the advance of the Highborn invasion. Now, with sacrifices back home blunting enthusiasm for a much needed defense, Admiral Tyler Barron is compelled to take the fight to the Highborn before they launch a renewed offensive. However, the attack will certainly be a trap, […]

Vengeful warriors, demon-slaying androids, refugee gamers, and a legendary frog hero fill this week’s collection of fantasy new releases. Deadline (Afterlife Online #4) – Domino Finn Black knights. Dastardly pirates. Bloodthirsty rebels. And those are the good guys. War is coming to the Midlands. Like a kettle ready to bubble over, cities teeter at the […]

Merry Christmas! What better way to spend this joyous season than by curling up beside the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and…a dark horror novel?  Stick with me here. Maybe December makes for the perfect season for a horror novel. Now, when the nights are longest and the weather coldest and nature has […]

Outside of the horrendous and tragic Kyoto Animation fire, this was an amazing year for anime. The fire is a terrible loss to the community; there is no softening that blow. But as far as the quality of the shows that came out – WOW! This is going to be a pretty long post, because […]

Weird Western (David J. West): It was fun to reread some old Louis L’amour books and even a couple Lovecraft stories I had missed like The Strange High House in the Mist – because I have a hardly touched Lovecraftian god = Nodens making an appearance. Fiction (Wasteland & Sky): For those that don’t know, […]