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A Russo-Japanese War veteran searches for Ainu gold, an EMT turned PI races to find a serial killer in Florida, and a relic hunter makes a shady deal with the CIA in this week’s roundup of the newest releases in fantasy and adventure. Auring’s Wrath (Leviathan #1) – Justin DePaoli The lands of Covecus bleed […]

Defense Mechanism by Katherine MacLean appeared in the October 1949 issue of Astounding. It can be read here at Defense Mechanism was tucked behind the book reviews and letters to the editor, so I almost missed it! Considering how influential its writer would go on to be, it’s ironic that her debut could go […]

In 1930, safe from the predations of Hugo “the Rat” Gernsback, future Appendix N author Jack Williamson returned to Amazing Stories, closing out the year with “The Cosmic Express.” In that far future, a pulp writer and his wife, Eric and Nada, are caught up in the nostalgia for more primitive times.  Eric writes hit […]

For those interested in Napoleonics miniatures I came across The Wargaming Company.  Product development began in 2009 though first release of their products wasn’t until 2015. For anyone new to the hobby and is daunted by the historical research required to acquire, then paint an army, this company’s products are a good way to start. […]

In a departure from gardening books such as Compost Everything, David the Good’s latest release, Turned Earth is best described as Gardening Action and Adventure. During an old interview David mentioned a possible future book, Tactical Gardening, “a book on hiding food in plain sight and growing death hedges”. I thought he was joking but it turns out bubbling under the surface […]

People have forgotten how to tell good stories. Or maybe just forgotten what makes up a good story. Comics have forgotten what makes good stories. They’ve decided that actual adventure stories with actual superheroes are boring and passe (or maybe they just don’t understand heroism). In the place of awe-inspiring more-than-merely-mortal bad guys and good […]

Arkhaven Comics is very pleased to announce the release of Alt★Hero #2: Rebel’s Cell. Alt★Hero backers, please check your email. It was only a matter of time before the mysterious man hunting illegal immigrants and turning them over to the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement office was identified. And after Michael Martel is informed that the […]

Books (DMR Books): Today marks the centennial of the first publication of A. Merritt’s novelette, “The Moon Pool.” Such a small thing–only about twenty thousand words–but one that has had an extraordinarily outsized impact in the century since. Before “The Moon Pool” was published, Merritt had made a bit of a name for himself in […]

If you are among pulp magazine enthusiasts, Standard Magazine’s titles generally do not rank high on the list of favorites. Late 1940s Startling Stories does have its fans. There are some who collect Texas Rangers, a long running series featuring Jim Hatfield, Texas Ranger. I have never met anyone who goes out of their way to collect […]

Last year I interviewed Michael Tierney and as part of the conversation we discussed his Wild Stars series of comics.  As the 35th anniversary of this endeavor approaches Michael has teamed up with Cirsova to launch a Kickstarter for an illustrated novel: Time Warmageddon. Michael’s novel is enhanced by Tim Lim’s cover art (Donald Thump, My Hero […]

Time-travelling scientists must defend medieval Paris from Vikings, an A.I. platoon fights for the promise of freedom, and a teen soldier livestreams her battles in this week’s roundup of the newest releases in science fiction. An Airless Storm (Cochrane’s Company #2) – Peter Grant The secret is out – the Mycenae system is the hottest […]

A new beginning, 1300 years in the past… In medieval Europe, three explorers from the distant future begin an ambitious project: build a craft capable of reaching the stars. While their leader oversees the construction of a secret underground base in Iceland, the other two travel thousands of miles to negotiate with the rulers of […]