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Back behind the scenes in our super-secret superversive headquarters located deep in the Misty Mountains, somewhere south of the Hundred Acre Wood and east of Oz (Narnia, of course, can only be accessed via Wardrobe), we had a discussion once about whether or not there could be such a thing as a superversive tragedy. The […]

The Superversive Roundable from this past Saturday was all about RPGs. This was a really interesting show for a lot of reasons, but I have to say the most mind blowing thing about it is that John C. Wright has been playing role-playing games for decades… without ever playing the ones that everybody else on the […]

Over at the SuperversiveSF blog Castalia House blogger Anthony M has a couple posts breaking down his criticism of Castalia House blogger Rawle Nyanzi’s anime-fueled pulp story “Sword & Flower”. Now, there’s enough of a fundamental disagreement here that neither side is ever going to completely agree with the other. But for people on the […]

Note: This is an article I originally wrote for the Superversive blog way back in 2015; naturally nobody noticed. With the discussion about comics starting up again I thought it would be timely to bring it back. As I’ve made clear in the past, I’m a big fan of Netflix’s Daredevil, despite having never seen […]

So Daddy Warpig is busy attempting to shake the pillars of heaven. But come on, guys. Let’s be honest here. Lots of comments are coming through disagreeing, but Daddy Warpig is still talking to a mostly friendly audience. The Castalia Blog is the heart of the pulp revolution; even as many people object, more agree. […]

I’ve already talked about “The Incredibles” once, but I think it’s worth talking more about it. Because here’s the thing. “The Incredibles” is not a good movie. It’s not even a great movie. It is a brilliant film. It’s one of the best movies of all time – and I am dead serious. It really […]

I was going to call this a review, but considering that it’s a film from the 80’s universally considered a classic it would sort of be like writing a “review” of “Casablanca”. It’s obviously not on quite that level (though certain Miyazaki films might be – if you haven’t seen “Spirited Away”, do so right […]

Neil Gaiman is a guy who I’ve noticed gets a lot of flak around these parts. It is true he has SJW tendencies, but then, most authors do. And he IS immensely popular. Mostly – and I am going by anecdote here – it seems that people believe that he (along with Ursula Le Guin) […]

I come by my love of speculative fiction honestly: my parents. They both like and appreciate Science Fiction– and fantasy, to a lesser extent– and are actually fairly big consumers of Sci-Fi television and movies. Neither are what I’d call a nerd, exactly, but neither are they really mundanes. And maybe that’s why I find […]

I will go on record saying that I enjoyed Atlas Shrugged more than I didn’t. Ayn Rand and I wouldn’t see eye to eye in a number of areas, and I have a feeling she’d hold me in contempt in a few other areas, given her aggressive atheism and disdain for charity and my relatively […]

In part one of this series, “The Dark Brilliance of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’”, I ended my article with this: I was going to end this article here, but I got to thinking: Would the world be a better place if these books didn’t exist? It’s an interesting question without, I think, a straightforward answer. Being old […]

Lemony Snicket’s (the pen name of Daniel Handler) “A Series of Unfortunate Events” is making the news again now that a new Netflix series is coming out. After the okay but ultimately disappointing movie adaptation the trailers for the Netflix series look as if they’re really going to get things right, even if Neil Patrick Harris […]