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“Prince of Egypt” is a 1998 animated movie made by Dreamworks back before Dreamworks ruined western animation with “Shrek”*. It is a musical made in a different, more mature and adult style than the Disney renaissance films that were all the rage those days. It is also probably the last great biblical epic ever put […]

Four Anime Reviews is one of the most popular posts I’ve ever done on the site. Since then I have watched a lot – and I do mean a LOT – more anime, and enjoyed almost all of it (I will only actually watch something to the end that I enjoy). In light of that, […]

You all know the debate. Miyazaki is getting up there in age. He’s on almost assuredly his last film, if only because he won’t last long enough for another one. He’s a giant in the world of animation and one of the first true anime film directors with crossover western appeal, to say nothing of […]

That’s our boy So I guess I’m officially a fan of One, creator of the excellent “One Punch Man”. I recently finished his OTHER big series, “Mob Psycho 100”, and to my surprise it was actually, somehow, even better. There characters were more fun, the plot was more intelligent, and the jokes…well they’re great in […]

“Sheik of Mars” by Ben Wheeler is pure fun: Nothing less and sometimes even just a little bit more. The plot is dead simple: The protagonist, the current Prince of Mars, marries the love of his life, the beautiful Zira, but on the day of his marriage the degenerate son of the Sheik of Mars […]

I recently watched “One Punch Man”, an excellent new(ish) comedy/superhero anime that you can currently find on Netflix (though only in sub, which may matter to some people, though I still liked it). It’s a very good show, funny, clever, amazingly well animated and with an absolutely stellar soundtrack, probably my second favorite in an […]

I have a few articles on the backburner (the ones getting the most attention from me now are articles on how “My Hero Academia” creates a consistent set of rules for its fantasy world and one on why I believe there were valid reasons for “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” to streamline its opening episodes beyond simply […]

I had been keeping my eye on “Batman Ninja” ever since I saw the completely bonkers trailer for it. “Batman Ninja” is the story of Batman and the other villains and heroes of Gotham City transported by Gorilla Grodd’s time machine into feudal Japan (why the time machine brings them to Japan is never explained, […]

Brad Bird is a genius. Now I have made it abundantly clear that the greatest living animated director – perhaps director period – is Hayao Miyazaki, but as far as western animation goes there are several directors in competition for the title – John Lasseter, Pete Docter, Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich… In other words, Pixar. […]

Well, that was…definitely an experience. I have no idea what to make of “Kill la Kill”, an anime about evil clothing and the naked men and women who fight them. Let’s just go the standard route. Synopsis: Get ready, because this one is convoluted. “Kill la Kill” is the story of Ryuko, who has enrolled in […]

This has been updated from an article on Superversive SF. Like Snicket’s other big series, this series is not superversive. Since I’ve done so much writing on the Snicketverse anyway, and since the excellent second season of the Netflix series came out, I figure I might as well do a bit on his prequel series […]

I was in between giving my review for this film and “Kill La Kill” (talk about diverse options!), but considering that we are now in the middle of Easter week, I think this film is appropriate. “Getting Grace” is the story of Grace, played by newcomer Madelyn Dundon, a teenage girl with terminal cancer who […]