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Dreadnaught, the first book in the Beyond the Frontier series, picks up just one month after the last events of The Lost Fleet series, although if you haven’t read those first six books you can still follow what’s going on in this new series. The Lost Fleet was about the war between the righteous but […]

Before delving back into our earnest investigation into the Men Who Saw Science (Fiction), it might be of use to take a look at some of the top-selling names in independent Fantasy and Science Fiction today. Virtually unknown to the Hugo voters, nearly invisible (unless you know what to look for) on the Amazon charts, […]

Victorious is the final book in The Lost Fleet series and one of its best. Given the title, it won’t come as a surprise that the book narrates how Jack Geary finally manages to win the war against the Syndics. But Victorious also leaves some mysteries unsolved and a few lose ends that will be […]

Possibly because he publishes independently, possibly because he’s far too fun for this dour era, M.E. Brines is not exactly a well-known name in modern science fiction. Brines asks and explores the truly important questions: Why do ghosts wear clothes? How does one defend against alien abduction? What is the best way to tell a […]

If you only read one book of the Lost Fleet series, it should be Relentless. Likewise, if you began the series and gave up, skip the third and fourth and go straight to this fifth book. There is plenty of action and the author gives us enough background to understand what has been going on […]

Look around the web for a high-quality, modern-science astronomy homeschool course and you won’t find much. There are a handful of scripture-based astronomy courses that seem to cover little more than the seasons and motions of the night sky, and one very expensive software-based curriculum. I realized there was a need for a comprehensive, modern, […]

1533–A book is published containing history’s 1st scientifically accurate description of blood circulation. The author – an anatomist and theologian,  dies for his failure to renounce his words. 1758–A book is published containing the claim that the Last Judgment occurred fully and completely in the spiritual realm the prior year, and that the author – […]

Disclosure: This is the fourth book in The Lost Fleet and I’ll refer to several events that took place in the previous three books but that I did not include in those reviews to avoid major spoilers. In the previous book, Courageous, the fleet fought the Syndics in a battle that didn’t go too well and […]

Ship combat and other explosions can be quite difficult to read, even in the rare case when the author gets the technical details right. Man, being something of a visual creature, has been trained for 100 years (at least since Skylark in Space) that explosions and warfare, being cast on the grandest sea possible, are […]

Courageous is the third book in the Lost Fleet series, and even though in some ways it feels weaker than the previous two, it has more than enough conflict and unanswered questions to make one look forward to the following books. Persistence and patience The main problem with Courageous is that it is too much […]

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