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Steampunk mages, galactic mercenaries, and The Ferryman fill this week’s new releases. Accepted (The Balance of Kerr #2) – Kevin Steverson and Tyler Ackerman The balance shifts. But in what direction… Kryder and Tog make their way north to warn of the impending invasion by the King of Gar-Noth and his growing forces. One step […]

Gaming (DVS Press): Maybe you’ve heard of cultural ground zero: 1997.  Now let’s talk games, because unlike other institutions of culture, the games industry kept on growing and innovating for another 10 years. Then 2007 happened, and as far as the bigger publishers are concerned, games reached their peak and no more change or risk […]

One of life’s pleasures is a well put together anthology of genre fiction. The genre that gives me the most joy to read is sword & sorcery. Sword & sorcery has it all: adventure, supernatural, glamor within a larger than life backdrop. Great reading whether on a cold winter night or sunny Saturday afternoon on […]

Year 2036: Humanity is in a crisis. Overpopulation, climate change and terrorism are increasing the risk of war around the world. In this situation, the American astronaut Perry Rhodan is sent to the moon with three comrades – there he surprisingly meets human-like aliens… Yesterday, on April 9th, announced that they have partnered with […]

Peacemakers, dragon knights, and robot generals clash across this week’s new releases. Acheron Salvation (Federation Chronicles #2) – Ken Lozito Quinton Aldren thought he could leave his past behind him . . . He was wrong. First came the development of a Personality Matrix Construct—PMC, transferring human consciousness into a machine. It changed the galaxy and […]

Comic Books (Walker’s Retreat): Diamond Distribution not only had–had–a monopoly on comic book distribution in the United States, but also dominated distribution of tabletop games. Especially now, it is common for comic shops to sell card and tabletop games on the side or vice-versa, especially if they also furnish space for play in-house- something very […]

A year ago, I wrote about C. J. Chivers’ The Gun. I just read another book about the AK-47 assault rifle. This one being Larry Kahaner’s AK-47: The Weapon That Changed the Face of War. This is the earlier book (2008), while Chivers’ book came out in 2011. AK-47 begins with the assault on Baghdad […]

With the Spring 2021 issue, Cirsova Magazine celebrates its fifth anniversary. To celebrate this longevity milestone, editor P. Alexander offers a collection of Cirsova mainstays alongside new offerings and surprises. Michael Tierney’s “The Artomique Paradigm” leads off with the first of three parts of this serialized novel. Tierney continues his Wild Stars adventures in a […]

Fantasyland meets Army Rangers, space elves lie, and the Wild West gets strange in this week’s new releases.  Bedlam (Dragon Wars #16) – Craig Halloran Blind-sided by the enemy is one thing, but side-blinded by your own cuts twice as deep.  The mission is simple, lay low until the time to reveal themselves comes, but […]

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