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Cirsova magazine is subtitled “Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense.” Editor P. Alexander certainly attempts to deliver on the magazine’s description. It is hard to believe the magazine has been around for six years already. Summer 2022, Volume 2, No 11 is 172 pages. Cover illustrating D. M. Ritzlin’s “Vran, the Chaos Warped” by […]

The latest issue of Cirsova, Winter 2021 (Vol 2, No. 9) arrived recently and made up part of this week’s reading. Contents consist of three novelettes and seven stories. “For We are Many”: Zak travels across alternate universes eluding and destroying avatars of himself who are generally evil. He comes face to face with a […]

The twelfth issue of Science Fiction Adventures, June 1958 featured John Brunner’s “The Man From the Big Dark” on the cover (art by Emsh). “Only one kind of man ever came out of that gaping hole in space– a pirate. And with a girl’s mutilated corpse on board his ship, what else could Terak be?” […]

The eleventh issue of Science Fiction Adventures, April 1958 featured “a complete new book.” The cover by Emsh was for Robert Silverberg’s “Shadow on the Stars.” In a reprint of “Shadow on the Stars” (as Stepsons of Terra), Silverberg wrote that “Thunder Over Starhaven” must have been successful enough to warrant another novel “filling virtually […]

The March 1958 issue of Science Fiction Adventures had another cover by Emsh. Robert Silverberg was back as “Calvin Knox” to wrap up the saga of Hallam Navarre in “Vengeance of the Space Armadas.” Hallam returns to Kariad on a mission to find how much danger Earth may be in. He is disguised as a […]

The January 1958 issue of Science Fiction Adventures had a new cover artist. This very pulpy looking cover was the very first cover by John Schoenherr for a science fiction magazine. He would go on to many a cover for Analog and science fiction paperbacks in the 1960s. The lead short novel was “Hunt the […]

The December 1957 issue of Science Fiction Adventures continued the trend away from three novella format. The cover by Ed Emsh was for Robert Silverberg’s “Valley Beyond Time.” Sam Thornhill wakes up unexpectedly in a very pleasant valley on a planet with a double sun. There is a small group of humans and some aliens […]

The October 1957 issue of Science Fiction Adventures had a new cover logo. Gone was title within a white rectangle. Barry Waldman was the cover artist for “Thunder Over Starhaven.” Robert Silverberg was back as “Ivar Jorgenson” with “Thunder Over Starhaven.” Johnny Mantell has a stolen Space Patrol ship with the SP on his tail. […]

Science Fiction Adventures went monthly with issue #6 for September 1957. Emsh was back with a cover for C. M. Kornbluth’s “The Slave.” “To become a man again, ex-Special Agent Charles Barker had to be two men at the same time, fighting an alien enemy who had already conquered billions of others!” Aliens have been […]

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