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Last month, someone gifted me with a copy of Adventures in Time and Space. It is the 1990 reprint but still, this is one of the most important science fiction anthologies ever published. The first edition from Random House was from 1946. 35 stories over 1004 pages! There were some mass market paperbacks derived from […]

Baen Books has been producing the most interesting themed anthologies of the big publishers. Time Troopers has just come out in mass market paperback. The hardback came out last year. The paperback is a big 653 pages. Love the cover by Kieran Yanner. Contents: Author Title Hank Davis Introduction Robert Heinlein All You Zombies Christopher […]

A very recent Baen Books’ anthology is Worlds Long Lost edited by Christopher Ruocchio and Sean CW Korsgaard. This is the description: ALL-NEW STORIES OF ANCIENT ALIEN ARTIFACTS FROM TOP NAMES IN SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY The universe is older and more alien than we can ever understand. We were not alone. The farther we […]

I wrote three years ago about Richard McKenna’s The Sand Pebbles and what an incredible novel it was. I was aware that McKenna had been in the science fiction magazines before The Sand Pebbles and there was a paperback collection, Casey Agonistes. I finally found a copy this past summer. McKenna had six stories in […]

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