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There is a secret passed down from one sitting President to his successor. Whenever the fight against crime or foreign meddling endangers the very Constitution itself, each new President is instructed to dial a secret number and ask for the services of a special man. Then hang up the phone and know that the threat […]

When perennial loser and MMO junkie Kazuma Satou dies trying to save a girl from a runaway tractor, he finds himself in the waiting room of heaven, where, after a goddess roasts him for being an idiot, she gives him a choice. Kazuma can enter heaven, or take a continue in an MMO-inspired world as […]

As the yet-to-be-invented Gregorian Calendar ticks over from the third to the fourth millennium, the Roman Empire has ninety-nine problems decides that the upstart Cult of Christ is responsible for just about all of them. Beset by everything from the gods falling silent to military defeats to economic downturns, the zeitgeist of the day finds […]

I wrote a review of The Best of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly two years ago. For various reasons, I did not read the online stories as they appeared since then. I waited for the next volume (#2) that covers 2011-2013. The book has a nice cover by Robert Zoltan that is better than most of the […]

Like so many science-fiction and fantasy readers these days, roping back into modern works took some doing.  Steve Rzasa’s writing was one of the things that helped steer me back into reading contemporary science-fiction and fantasy.  His Hugo nominated Turncoat provided the proof of concept that these Rabid Puppy maniacs maybe had a point, and his […]

“Only thing is,” the mouth-harp man went on, “folks say the train runs on that track. Or it did. A black train runs some nights at midnight, they say, and when it runs a sinner dies.” While out on a walk, John the Balladeer is pulled into an outdoor party and asked to play. It’s […]

Over the past couple years, the marriage of tabletop and video game RPG rule with fantasy adventure novels, known as the litRPG, has been the major development shaping fantasy genres, perfectly complimenting the logical fantasy and hard magic championed by Brandon Sanderson. But where most logical fantasy stories are content to remain in the safe […]

In 1991, Lucasfilm reignited interest in Star Wars with Heir to the Empire, by Timothy Zahn. This first book of the Extended Universe showcased new adventures of Han, Luke, and Leia as they struggled to keep the New Republic together years after the Battle of Endor as the threat of the Imperial remnants faded. But […]

A few weeks back, I wrote a review of the anthology Legends. I enjoyed the book quite a bit and wasted little time to tackle Legends II. Newcon Press, August 2015, 215 pages not including some ads at the back of the book. Ian Whates once again edited the anthology. Twelve stories, most of which […]

The Mouser did not find his watch a pleasant one. In place of his former trust in this rocky nook, he now scented danger in every direction and peered as often at the steamy pit as at the black entrance beyond the glowing coals, entertaining himself with vivid visions of a cooked priest somehow writhing […]

In Mage Tome, Rod Walker turns his pen towards fantasy with the first of a series of adventures featuring master thief Rowan of Kalderon. While his The Thousand Worlds series follows in the footsteps of Heinlein’s juveniles, here Walker casts an eye towards the thieves of sword and sorcery pulps and dungeon crawl games for […]

A year and a half ago, I wrote a post about David Gemmell and how in my opinion he saved sword and sorcery fiction in the 1990s.  I think it was after that that I found out the Legends anthologies. The books are subtitled “Stories in Honour of David Gemmell.” I was not familiar with […]