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Library book sales can be a wonderful thing. Sometimes, they are a bust. Other times you find a copy of the Gnome Press Conan the Conqueror with dustjacket for $1.00. That happened to me in 1997. This year was better than usual. A new location with more room. Someone appears to have donated their collection […]

In the opening moments of Black Dawn, by Jay Allan, the remnants of the once-proud White Fleet are leading the far superior ships of the Hegemony on a wild goose chase through unexplored space. The longer they can prolong the pursuit, the more time Admiral Tyler Barron has to rally the Confederation’s defenses before the […]

In a departure from gardening books such as Compost Everything, David the Good’s latest release, Turned Earth is best described as Gardening Action and Adventure. During an old interview David mentioned a possible future book, Tactical Gardening, “a book on hiding food in plain sight and growing death hedges”. I thought he was joking but it turns out bubbling under the surface […]

If you are among pulp magazine enthusiasts, Standard Magazine’s titles generally do not rank high on the list of favorites. Late 1940s Startling Stories does have its fans. There are some who collect Texas Rangers, a long running series featuring Jim Hatfield, Texas Ranger. I have never met anyone who goes out of their way to collect […]

Last year I interviewed Michael Tierney and as part of the conversation we discussed his Wild Stars series of comics.  As the 35th anniversary of this endeavor approaches Michael has teamed up with Cirsova to launch a Kickstarter for an illustrated novel: Time Warmageddon. Michael’s novel is enhanced by Tim Lim’s cover art (Donald Thump, My Hero […]

Howie K. Bentley is one of the rising stars in the sword and sorcery genre. He started out as a guitar player with his band Cauldron Born. Life has included playing in heavy metal bands, teaching guitar, and also writing fiction. He writes dark, violent stories the way sword and sorcery should be written. His […]

There has been a quiet rebirth in the historical novel in the past 15 years– Bernard Cornwell, Simon Scarrow, Ben Kane, Harry Sidebottom etc. Most are Sassenachs (i.e. Englishmen) who have a Roman fixation. I picked up David Gibbins Rome Destroy Carthage at a Dollar General store last week for $3.00 in the paperback rack. […]

Imagine an alt-history world where the United States of America consisted of a filthy, disease-ridden hell-hole ruled by vicious devil-worshipping psychopaths. Go ahead and write your own joke.  I’ll wait. Got that out of your system?  Good.  Because if you made the joke that I think you did, have I got a book for you.  The Devil’s […]

The Ghost Who Walks returns in Hermes Press’s reprinting of the Phantom’s classic novels. In the second, The Slave Markets of Mucar, the Phantom leaves his jungle stronghold for the deserts of Arabia. Prisoners have been escaping from a legendary impenetrable fortress. So when one of the Phantom’s Jungle Patrol agents investigating the prison goes missing, […]

There is a secret passed down from one sitting President to his successor. Whenever the fight against crime or foreign meddling endangers the very Constitution itself, each new President is instructed to dial a secret number and ask for the services of a special man. Then hang up the phone and know that the threat […]

When perennial loser and MMO junkie Kazuma Satou dies trying to save a girl from a runaway tractor, he finds himself in the waiting room of heaven, where, after a goddess roasts him for being an idiot, she gives him a choice. Kazuma can enter heaven, or take a continue in an MMO-inspired world as […]

As the yet-to-be-invented Gregorian Calendar ticks over from the third to the fourth millennium, the Roman Empire has ninety-nine problems decides that the upstart Cult of Christ is responsible for just about all of them. Beset by everything from the gods falling silent to military defeats to economic downturns, the zeitgeist of the day finds […]