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Jeff Duntemann’s collection, “Cold Hands and Other Stories” shouldn’t work. The works included span more than four decades of writing.  His largely Campbellian style gives way to urban magic and deep looks at the role of religion in space exploration. This collection lacks a consistent voice or theme.  And yet it works wonderfully! This collection of short […]

Campbellian science fiction, especially hard science fiction, gets a hard time around here.  Epic fantasy is denigrated in favor of slim sword and sorcery paperbacks.  I like a good pulpy adventure as much as the next guy, but I refuse to give up on my original love, epic fantasy, or my more recent discovery, hard […]

There was a stage when I thought I was interested in politics, so I picked up a copy of Mein Kampf. Despite wanting to explore the enigma of how an Austrian corporal wound up as the dictator of Germany, I could never read more than a chapter or two before losing interest. Based on that […]

Barry Reese is another one of those visionary writers who didn’t need no stinking Appendix N to show him how pulp was done.  He started writing his own stories inspired by the classic pulp caped and cowled crusaders back in the late 2000-oughts with his Edgar Rice Burroughsian, Conquerors of Shadow: The Adventures of Eobard Grace.  Over the […]

My blood ran fire when the deed was done; Now it runs colder than the moon that shone On shattered fields where dead men lay in heaps Who could not hear a ravished daughter’s moan. With All Hallows’ Eve right around the corner, my coverage of The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard draws to […]

The term “cheapjack” is a late nineteenth century term used to describe travelling peddlers who sold cheap merchandise.  They were pretty much the Wal-Mart of their day, providing second rate goods, but at prices that served the poorer strata of society.  Cheapjack Pulp takes that word at attempts to reclaim it – unabashedly selling itself […]

In an Empire beset by internal rebellion and ferocious yaomo, the elite Shenwujun stand ready to defend human civilization. Among the Shenwujun there is none finer than Ensign Zhang Tianyou, who earned the nickname Zhang the Invincible. During a mission to quash a nascent rebellion, a Shenwujun detachment discovers evidence that the Grand Union is […]

I never read the Chronicles of Narnia as a kid. The movies were good but I didn’t read the books until early this year. And after reading them all I wish was still a kid. Okay, a lot of people know the story so I’ll make it quick. It’s World War 2, the Nazi Germans […]

It’s hard to believe that the first book in this series came out over two years ago. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then! But let me tell you, everything is here: The election, who managed to predict it, and why The recent kerfuffle in the NFL Comics Gate and Alt*Hero […]

The mighty poets write in blood and tears And agony that, flame-like, bites and sears. They reach their mad blind hands into the night, To plumb abysses dead to human sight. Tuesday was World Mental Health Day.  When Damon Knight and L. Sprague de Camp were denigrating Robert E. Howard, they were doing it used […]

In Jon Del Arroz’s novella, Gravity of the Game, Commissioner Hideki Ichiro is growing frustrated as his attempts to bring baseball to the moon are frustrated by its low gravity. About to give up, he visits a sickly child in the hospital, whose love of the game rekindle Ichiro’s drive to succeed. But as he is about […]

While far from unknown, and especially popular in the first few decades after its release, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World is rarely mentioned as a pulp adventure.  And yet, released in 1912, the same year as Tarzan of the Apes and a year before The Insidious Dr.Fu-Manchu, it’s part of the same tradition.  Primarily known for Sherlock […]