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The burglar fumbled in his pocket, and Dunne leaned forward sharply, the gun jutting out. It was only the jewelry. It glowed on the man’s big palm and Dunne whistled softly.  “You damned fool,” he whispered. “You utter damned fool. That’s moonglow jewel jade! Worth a fortune. Good lord, it’s priceless! That bit there shaped […]

An excerpt from Mojo Mori’s debut novel: A faint sound made the man freeze, his heart racing. Holding his breath, he listened intently. Utter silence prevailed for several moments. Then his ears detected furtive sounds—the soft, irregular noises of a living creature creeping through the grove nearby. The man rose to a crouch, laying his hand […]

Contrary to the genre’s title, most authors writing science fiction know less about science than a curious twelve year-old. Even more surprisingly, one can still write good, even great SF with this impediment!  And I note this as a professional scientist who loves “hard science” works.  While this might seem like great news for the […]

A frequent criticism of older stories, pulp or otherwise, is that they feature a “damsel in distress”.  That the woman in question is nothing more than a prize to be won.  This is considered bad, and earnest leftist writers of today seek to correct this horrible injustice by creating “strong female protagonists”. Right away, one […]

The Wardog’s Coin consists of two stories set in the epic fantasy world of A Throne of Bones. The title story is about a human mercenary company which finds itself in the employ of an elf king. Outnumbered and under attack from an army of orcs and goblins, the Company discovers it is no longer […]

When I came cross an old hardcover copy of the Best of Cordwainer Smith at a nearby 2nd Ave. Value Store, I had never heard of any such author. Over the past couple of years, though, my adventures with Appendix N and similar canonical texts have taught me that this means little. It had an […]

This is an excerpt from Owen Stanley’s excellent new novel, THE PROMETHEAN. Despite Harry’s enormous wealth, he was dismayed when the estimates from Bill Grogan and Vishnu were finally presented to him, not to mention Wayne Ruger’s, which looked like the defence budget for a small but unusually belligerent third-world nation. The project was obviously going […]

Some of you might have an Ace Double or two paperback in your collection. It was a classic format that lasted over 20 years. There would be two novels, back to back. Read one side and then flip the book and read the other. The format died out soon after Donald Wollheim left Ace Books […]

Covering fantasy, alternate history, and historical fiction, here are six new releases from July 2017’s feast for the imagination. *     *     *      *      * Brutal (Brutal Trilogy #1) – James Alderdice A man of violence. A duchess with dangerous desires. Two warring wizards. Things in Aldreth are going […]

The third book in the bestselling Galaxy’s Edge series by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole! Always make ’em pay. In the aftermath of the Battle of Kublar—and the destruction of the battleship Chiasm—Legion Dark Ops recruits Chhun, Wraith, and the survivors of Victory Company to form an elite Kill Team of legionnaires. Their secret mission is […]

Frequently, fans of the genre will lament that science fiction is dead.  I strongly disagree; there are still talented, imaginative writers producing worthwhile, even great work.  But in one regard, they are correct. Aside from a faint glimmer here and there, the science fiction short story has been snuffed out. Now, it’s not particularly illuminating […]

“…Let the scholar take steel, smelted according to the previous formula, and by his understanding skill beat, grind and sharpen it into a sword. Let it be engraved with the words and symbols ordained, and employed in the performance of mysteries. Let none touch, save those deserving…” *     *     *   […]