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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 17 April, 2021 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 17 April, 2021

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Steampunk mages, galactic mercenaries, and The Ferryman fill this week’s new releases.

Accepted (The Balance of Kerr #2) – Kevin Steverson and Tyler Ackerman

The balance shifts. But in what direction…

Kryder and Tog make their way north to warn of the impending invasion by the King of Gar-Noth and his growing forces. One step ahead of those who would make them pay for their attack on the Halls Of Magic, the Human shaman and his Half-Orc cousin carry with them dangerous information. Worse, should they actually make it to Minth, the second leg of their journey is even more perilous—a trip into the Great Northern Desert to look for the lost Mage’s Library.

On the other side of Kerr, Lucas and Johan make their way north on their journey to warn the Lead Hunter of Tarlok and Baron Arnwald of the Baronies West. Like the cousins’ journey, it is a trip fraught with danger, especially since Lucas has decided to take the message to the Orc lands as well.

These people—and many more—are actively making decisions which will either right the Creator’s balance…or upset it even further. Will Kryder and Tog be able to spread the word and make a difference? Will their friends on the other side of Kerr convince those who need convincing?

The Ferryman (Hit World #3) – John E. Siers

In Hit World, you can hire LifeEnders, Inc. to kill just about anyone—except yourself.

LEI will not let you take out a “First Party Contract,” no matter how badly you want to end it all. That’s unfortunate, because the government made suicide illegal, and the penalty for killing yourself is the forfeiture of your entire estate.

Enter Charon’s Ferry, a company run by Mark Marshall and Lisa Woods, that offers what LEI will not: assisted suicide. And it’s legal because you’re not really committing suicide. You’re hiring The Ferry to murder you—in whatever creative manner you like—provided, of course, you’re willing to pay the Ferryman. A ride on the Ferry isn’t cheap, though…and you have to pay the Ferryman on this side of the river.

But Mark and Lisa are not what they appear. For the moment, they are blissfully unaware of their own true nature, but sooner or later something will happen…and the dragons will be loose in Hit World.

Mercenary Galaxy – Miles Rozak and Ethan Bristol

Chandler Vail is a cybernetically enhanced operator.

He hunts down high-value targets in the dangerous parts of the galaxy.

Vail promised his wife a quiet vacation at the end of this tour. But when a covert op takes him to a mega-yacht for wealthy Terrans and aliens—what he finds on that vast starship is nothing short of terrifying.

Passengers and crew alike show up dead in gruesome, unexplained ways. Contact with the flight deck’s been lost. His team’s getting picked off one-by-one, when he discovers an enemy onboard with shocking control of the system.

Now, Vail will stop at nothing to prevent a second galactic invasion. Even if that pits him against a dark Imperial fleet.

Even if it makes him the flash point of a galactic war.

Pangea Online: The Complete Trilogy – S. L. Rowland

Everything has a price. Pangea Online is no different.

Since leaving the orphanage, Esil has spent the past year toiling in the data mines of Pangea while watching the wealthy elite traverse its myriad of game worlds. His luck changes forever when he discovers a legendary Developer’s Chest. The Premium Worldpass inside grants him unlimited access to all of Pangea.

Now, Esil isn’t just stuck watching as others explore Pangea. He can finally level up.

With his newfound fortune, he enters a tournament to compete against some of the most skilled adventurers Pangea has to offer. He’s a long shot to win but for the first time in his life, being a kid from the slums has its advantages when he discovers a bug in the obscure data-mining class.

With an even playing field, he might just have a shot.

But his in-game actions have real-world consequences and failure online threatens everything he holds dear.

Rotten Magic (The Artifice Mage Saga #1) – Jeffery Bardwell

Destiny in one hand. Doom in the other. Which will destroy him first?

Artificers are the gilded princes of the Iron Empire. Mages are violent criminal outcasts. Devin competes to become the best artificer in the empire . . . but he’s secretly a mage.

Devin, a young skilled apprentice, dreams of becoming the master of his craft if he can only resist the sinuous allure of magic. His secret grows heavier as he claws his way to the top of his competitive, cutthroat guild. Friends and rivals start taking notice when Devin glorifies in the persona of the dragon and builds mechanical armor to match. He’s also started hearing voices in his head: the stout words of the being he calls ‘the artificer’ and the sly, oily voice of ‘the mage.’ How long can Devin be satisfied with fake dragon armor when the promise of true arcane power whispers in his ear?

Silent War (Cassidy #2) – M. R. Forbes

In the twenty-fourth century, rising sea levels triggered by World War have forced humankind into a handful of densely populated cities surrounded by massive seawalls. Digitized consciousnesses known as Shades prowl the streets in bodies that aren’t their own, carrying out clandestine operations ordered by the artificial intelligence created to shepherd humankind through the aftermath. Civilization clings to a tenuous thread.

Cassidy is one of the most experienced Shades in the Initiative. An elite operative with an impeccable record, he’s dedicated his life to combating the rampant organized crime that threatens the new world order.

Cassidy joins the rebellion fighting the dark regime responsible for the suppression of the governing AI, pitting his extraordinary skills and resolve against the forces of corruption and control. While one truth has set him free, a second revelation awaits.

But will it elevate him to the next level…

…or lead to the downfall of everything?

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