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Perry Rhodan NEO English version announced –

Perry Rhodan NEO English version announced

Saturday , 10, April 2021 4 Comments

Year 2036: Humanity is in a crisis. Overpopulation, climate change and terrorism are increasing the risk of war around the world. In this situation, the American astronaut Perry Rhodan is sent to the moon with three comrades – there he surprisingly meets human-like aliens…

Yesterday, on April 9th, announced that they have partnered with J-Novel Club to bring the reimagined Perry Rhodan NEO series to English audiences. Additionally, J Novel Club will be releasing stories of demon hunter John Sinclair and occult investigator Jessica Bannister under the imprint of J-Novel Pulp. This represents a new effort to bring long-running European pulp serials to English audiences.

The Castalia House Blog has discussed Perry Rhodan before, specifically the ACE paperbacks and the Lemuria arc. Both arcs represent the briefest glimpses into the 50-year old serial sometimes nicknamed the Perryverse, as well as the majority of what has made its way to English audiences from Germany. That the most successful science fiction book series in history has such a minimal exposure in English is criminal. But 50 years of continuous lore surrounding the first man on the moon and his galactic adventures is a daunting hurdle, especially when publishers fear that the Cold War fears and punchcard technology may not resound with today’s resurgence of China and digital streaming. So, in 2011, Perry Rhodan was reimagined into the alternate universe now known as Perry Rhodan NEO. Both Perry Rhodan serials continue to this day.

Perry Rhodan NEO moves the initial point of contact with the greater galaxy from 1961 to 2036, and redefines the near future geopolitical setting and technology to a level more familiar to 21st century audiences. More importantly, it represents a new introduction to Perry Rhodan and a way for new readers to get in on the ground floor of the Perry Rhodan “Neoverse” instead of tackling fifty years of continuity all at once. Hopefully, if J-Novel Club’s venture is successful, it may open the door to the main Perryverse returning to English audiences as well as the introduction of more European pulp series. To appeal to a wider audience, the J-Novel Club version will use the illustrations from the 2017 Japanese light novel version.

Currently, J-Novel Pulp is offering an introductory preview of the first chapters of Perry Rhodan NEO, as well as John Sinclair and Jessica Bannister. Subscriptions are available to read chapters online, with weekly releases planned. But for those who want to read the first book, Stardust, in one shot, it will be released to the usual ebook platforms on June 8th, 2021. Expect a review soon after, as well as one of horror icon John Sinclair.

  • Tim says:

    Will the J-Novel Club keep printing Perry Rhodan Neo after the first four are done. Or are there other plans for the series to continue in English.

    • Nathan says:

      I expect the run to follow the Japanese light novel release for art and because J-Novel Club is a light novel company. I’ve not seen anything that says they’ll be stopping at the end of the Vision Terrania arc.

  • Stardust says:

    Thanks to J-Novel to publish this great sci fi Universe in US. I read the original in Germany and the japanese Version. Take a look: Leave with Perry and bis Friends our Solar System, look to the Wega System, go to M33, the arkonidian Empire oder far away Adventures with Methans in Andromeda, only 2.3 million lightyears from home. Or back in the past. Wars thousands of year near our home planet. By the way: the german Original is different in 2 Versions: the first story runs with a new novel every Werk since 1961, the new and wouw NEO started 2011! And in America in 2021!

  • Duane Spurlock says:

    The second “season” of Perry Rhodan NEO–“Expedition Vega”–recently wrapped up with J-Novel Cllub’s ebook Volume 8. The publisher recently announced that translations are underway for season 3, “The Galactic Enigma.”

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