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The Silver Plague by Albert de Pina was the featured cover story of the Spring 1945 issue of Planet Stories. It can be read here at I’ve got to admit that I’m a little bit disappointed with The Silver Plague. Sharing the cover with Brackett as well as glowing accolades in subsequent issues’ letters […]

My blood ran fire when the deed was done; Now it runs colder than the moon that shone On shattered fields where dead men lay in heaps Who could not hear a ravished daughter’s moan. With All Hallows’ Eve right around the corner, my coverage of The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard draws to […]

Although Rebel, Captain Europa, and Dynamique have been the stars of the Freestartr campaign, we have a number of other superheroes who have not yet been introduced. One of the most enigmatic is Shade of the Global Justice Initiative, whose identity is unknown to everyone, including Captain Europa, as are the full extent of his […]

An elite Legion Dark Ops team must brave the chaos of an interplanetary firefight to deprive the attacking Black Fleet of its prize. Far from the reach of their god, a fleet of space explorers prepares their last stand against an armada of their devils. An undercover spy rescues a scientist from the wreckage of […]

I didn’t have a particular adventure module in mind when I sat down to run first edition Gamma World. I didn’t have a developed campaign setting. I didn’t really have anything in mind other than that I wanted to see what happened when you took the game as is and then ran it according to […]

After several sessions, we have now played through the careers of two American submarine captains. We both started in April 1942 and then went all the way to the end of World War 2. It never ceases to surprise me, but this game is completely different from the one covering the German U-boats. They fight […]

The Deadliest Blogger’s Military History Page will be of interest to wargamers and those that enjoy military history. Barry Jacobsen’s posts are done in what I would call an “Osprey Publishing Style”.  Historical background, nice illustrations and most importantly for gamers, maps of the campaigns and battlefields.  Check out his two part series of the […]

The term “cheapjack” is a late nineteenth century term used to describe travelling peddlers who sold cheap merchandise.  They were pretty much the Wal-Mart of their day, providing second rate goods, but at prices that served the poorer strata of society.  Cheapjack Pulp takes that word at attempts to reclaim it – unabashedly selling itself […]

From renowned artist Gregory Manchess comes a lavishly painted novel about the son of a famed polar explorer searching for his stranded father, and a lost city buried under snow in an alternate future. When it started to snow, it didn’t stop for 1,500 years. The Pole Shift that ancient climatologists talked about finally came, […]

Even in my critiques of “Jessica Jones” I always make sure to point out that the conflict driving the plot is an excellent one, a terrific cat and mouse thriller: Jessica Jones needs to find a way to catch Kilgrave and prove that he can control people with the sound of his voice, except that […]

This session opened up with the gang following up on an old plot hook that’s been mouldering around since the very first session: they wanted to go check up on the Brutorz-riding Commanche tribe to the northwest. The party was tempted to go check out the Cyclops people I mentioned that lived up in the […]

Today’s Alt★Hero announcement comes from writer and Castalia House editor Vox Day: “Thanks to the enthusiasm of the Alt★Hero backers, we’ve just passed Stretch Goal #9 at 540 percent of the original objective, thereby committing us to providing a site dedicated to the series. This is a very positive sign as we enter the final stretch. There […]