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Jack Dashing returns in the sequel to 2017’s tale of an alternate-earth, Adventure Constant. In just a few short weeks, the Planetary Romantic travels to a world not entirely unlike our own. A curious twist of fate strands him in a nightmarish version of New York City…or perhaps that should be a more nightmarish version of […]

This week’s roundup of the newest stories in science fiction features robot geneticists bringing humanity back from extinction, serendipitous discoveries, space-fairing demon hunters, and the return of The Four Horsemen Cycle’s Jim Cartwright–and his giant mech. The Abyss of Savagery (The Wolfpack #5) – Toby Neighbors The Amazing Conclusion To The Wolfpack Series The humans […]

When The Terran Union has a mission that must not fail, it calls upon the Strike Marines.  They are trained to improvise, adapt, overcome and win every fight. A deadly disease threatens the Dotari, Earth’s allies, with extinction. The cure lies in deep space, and Lieutenant Hoffman and his team will join the starship Breitenfeld as it […]

The first in a new fantasy series by Brian D. Anderson. Thousands of years after the war of the ancients, a single bastion of human life survives – The Vale. And at its core the magnificent city of Troi. Here the mana flows from the great power station, bringing light and life to all. It […]

This week’s roundup of science fiction new releases features an interstellar vice cop going undercover, a husband discovering that his drowned wife is mixed up in a time travel mystery, and our introduction to the legendary leaders of the Four Horsemen mercenary companies. Broken Worlds: The Awakening – Jasper T. Scott Darius Drake is desperate […]

Broadswords and Blasters #4 In this fantastic issue you will be introduced to the most badass grandmother that has ever existed in print, a retro space opera adventure about a two-fisted blaster wielding pilot, an epistolary tale of the corrupting influence of depraved love, and a new adventure for Benedict Arnold, Josh Gibson, and Genghis […]

The exciting prequel to the Four Horsemen Cycle by Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey. Before CASPers were the lords of the battlefield, men tested their metal against aliens one-on-one.” First contact has been made, and Earth’s militaries and its premier mercenary companies stand ready to take their first tentative steps outside the Solar System. With […]

This week’s roundup of fantasy and adventure stories features dragons and trains, Texas Rangers, an interstellar romance author over his head, and, most fearsome of all, a murder of manatees. Dread Mechanicals (The Iron Horses of Sesp #1) – Alice Ashton When Essylt is forced to leave her mountain home with her young dragon, Cai, […]

Larry Correia’s interdimensional insurance agent Tom Stranger returns to Audible. When half your galaxy is unexpectedly sucked into a black hole – when a hitherto-unknown species of space aliens lays waste to your home planet – when disaster rears its ugly head (or heads) – who can you call for faster-than-light appraisals and best-in-the-multiverse customer […]

This week’s roundup of the newest release in science fiction features a daring interstellar raid against an ancient superweapon, a time-lost crew of scientists forced to build a spaceship in Viking Europe, an Emperor’s struggle to find a long-lost temple full of supernatural secrets, and more. Dauntless (Blood on the Stars #6) – Jay Allan […]

From Hugo and Dragon Award finalist David VanDyke, and million-selling science-fiction legend and Dragon finalist B.V. Larson, comes book three in the epic military space opera adventure saga!  Commodore Straker faces new enemies as neighboring interstellar empires decide his New Republic is a growing threat. A two-front war develops, and the Liberator must face both […]

Superversive Press launches the first of the new Planetary anthology series combining science and mythology: MERCURY! Innermost of worlds, blasted by the sun by day and frozen by night, Mercury remains an enigma. Mythical Mercury was also the messenger and trickster, and known for blazing speed and wit. Here are thirteen tales of science-fiction and […]