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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases and Kickstarters: 16 July 2022 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases and Kickstarters: 16 July 2022

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After Brandon Sanderson’s epic Kickstarter campaign and the smash success of Eric July’s Rippaverse, Kickstarters will be added to the regular New Release rotation.

An Atlas of Bad Roads – a Kickstarter from Misha Burnett

There are many strange places off the beaten paths in this great land of ours. From the abandoned shopping malls where squatters revel in violent nihilism to the new subdivisions built atop ruins where tragedies lay buried, Misha Burnett is your guide to the weird and out of the way places that are haunted by the past and the future.

This all new collection from Misha Burnett includes 16 strange tales of the macabre as well as 16 original poems, exploring the mysterious nature of the seemingly mundane world, where the run-down warehouses, shady night clubs, and even 24-hour gas stations may be home to magical fae creatures or skulking maniacs.

You’ve been offered a map to these beautiful vistas and disturbing local attractions. Just try not to get lost.

Open until 10 August, 2020.

The Bizarchives #3 – edited by Dave Martel

On the abysmal fringes of sanity itself lies a repository of tales from realms untold. The Bizarchives: Weird Tales of Monsters, Magic and Machines holds secrets of far flung galaxies, haunted dimensions and fantastical heroes. Inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft and Robert E Howard, this compilation of short stories takes a reader through all things strange and exhilarating.

In issue 3 we bring to you a dozen more strange tales from up and coming new authors in the genres of fantasy, sci-fi and cosmic horror. Several of your favorite authors from our debut issue return alongside some fresh faces making their debut in print.

The Caribbean Affair (Jack Barr Thrillers #1) – Nick Thacker

It was just a family vacation… until the terrorists came aboard.

Jackson Barr, Jr., along with his wife and kids, are enjoying a Caribbean cruise when all hell breaks loose.

At port in Jamaica, an explosion rocks the ship, and all passengers are sent to shore on lifeboats, where they are told they’ll be reunited with their children.

But Jack senses something’s not right, and hides on the ship.

His wife calls from shore: the kids are not there.

Now alone on a ship with terrorists in control, Jack must fight for his life — and his kids’ lives — in order to reunite his family and bring down whoever’s doing this.

Isom #1: Ill Advised – a crowd funded campaign by Eric July

Avery Silman was once an entry-level hero known as Isom in the city of Florespark, Texas shortly after gaining his special abilities. A certain event had him hang up his suit, and now he stays on the outskirts of the city, living as a rancher.

Avery’s sister, Altona, gives him a call and wants him to visit an old friend by the name of Darren Fontaino. Another family friend that was interning with Altona has gone missing and she last heard that she was dealing with Darren. But Darren has much changed since he was hanging out with Avery when they were young. He’s a cold-blooded shot-caller and one of the most feared men in the city.

This visit turns into one of the longest days in Avery’s life. Around these parts, people call ‘special beings’ Excepts. And unfortunately for Avery, he has the luxury of running into some of them. The Alphacore and Yaira have their own set of conflicts. A man built like a tank by the name of Santwan reappears and he’s had previous confrontation with Avery. So what happens with Avery and Darren’s meeting? Who and where is the family friend? Just grab Isom #1: Ill-Advised Pt. 1 and find out for yourself!

Open until 23 September 2022.

John Sinclair: Demon Hunter #7 – Jason Dark

1977 is a strange year. Things beyond human understanding have begun to surface, threatening the peace and leaving behind an endless trail of blood. When such incidents arise, it is down to Scotland Yard’s Special Division and their Demon Hunter in residence, John Sinclair, to set things right. But Sinclair is haunted by demons of his own, ones which rival the dark forces attacking innocents around him. Can he conquer one to vanquish the other?

May they be lurking in London or across the world, demons never rest. With news of the rise of vampires in Hong Kong, John Sinclair is called to investigate. Perhaps a word with the reporter, Mike Kilrain, will set things straight… Suko, meanwhile, visits his old master, the great Li Shen, only to be told that John has walked right into a trap! But in his efforts to hunt down his partner, Suko falls for a mysterious lady called Shao — will he win her heart, or will she kill him first? Accompanied by new allies and with an appearance from the renounced Professor Zamorra, will Sinclair escape with his life?

Overmind – a Kickstarter by Jon Del Arroz

Ayla Rin, Agent of Terra Prime has uncovered a plot against the Imperium! 

On a faraway colony planet, the governor is linking his populace into an ethernet where they are being mind-controlled by a rogue artificial intelligence that seeks galactic domination! 

Only Alya Rin can stop this nefarious plot and save humanity as we know it. 

Fans of Valerian, The Incal, and Saga will love OVERMIND!

Open until 13 July 2022

Revenging Dungeon (Monster Haven #2) – J. D. Astra

Can Dolli’s poisonous past save her from a dungeon eater?

Dolli was just getting to like the idea of being the overlord of Monster Haven when a roaming Warmonger set his eyes on her dungeon core. Some of her citizens have defected to the enemy horde for the promise of safety, and now Dolli has a choice to make.

Does she wipe them out to save those who remain, or does she sacrifice herself to save them all?

But the defectors don’t know that the Warmonger has an even more sinister plot than just consuming Dolli’s core—and when they finally see his true monstrous nature, will it be too late? Dolli needs a killer cure, a poison so toxic it might wreck her and the enemy. She needs… a Hero.

The Scepter Heist (The Dragon Rogues #2) – D. K. Holmberg

An impossible heist was only the beginning.

Having pulled off an impossible heist, Jonathan wants nothing more than to relax and take a few simple jobs as a distraction. But nothing is ever simple for the Dragon.

When friends go missing, an old enemy returns, demanding Jonathan take a job even more dangerous than the last.

If he refuses, new friends will suffer, but if he takes the job, Heziah may gain a power to overthrow the Society itself.

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