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Robert E. Howard in the Pulps –

Robert E. Howard in the Pulps

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In the 1990s, it seemed a new book on pulp art or lavishly illustrated books on the pulp magazines came out every year. Lee Server’s Danger is My Business was a great introduction to various pulp magazine genres with lots of color reproductions of pulp magazine covers.

Robert E. Howard in the Pulps Vol. One is a throwback to those books. Editor and publisher Dennis McHaney has a history in the small press going back to the early 1970s. He has published The Howard Review and various books including Robert E. Howard: World’s Greatest Pulpster and Anniversary: A Tribute to Glenn Lord and The Howard Collector. Dennis has helped with books on artist J. Allan St. John and has published a whole bunch of fanzines in addition like Barbarian Cinema.

His newest publications is Robert E. Howard in the Pulps Vol. One. This is an 8.5 x 11 inch book, 112 pages combining essays with stunning reproductions of both cover and interior art from pulp magazines containing stories by Robert E. Howard.


Introduction                                                                             Dennis McHaney

Action Stories- Funny Westerns are Serious Business            Rob Roehm

Argosy                                                                                     Dennis McHaney

Soldiers of Fortune and the Clayton Magazines                   Morgan Holmes

Strange Tales                                                                          Morgan Holmes

The Cauldron                                                                          Dennis McHaney

Ghost Stories                                                                           Dennis McHaney

Marvel Tales                                                                           Dennis McHaney

Oriental Stories and the Magic Carpet Magazine                     Dennis McHaney

Golden Fleece                                                                         Dennis McHaney

Spicy Bob                                                                               Dennis McHaney

Robert E. Howard and Street and Smith                           Morgan Holmes

Strange Detective Stories                                                 Dennis McHaney

Super Detective Stories                                                 Dennis McHaney

Thrilling Adventures and Thrilling Mystery                                   Dennis McHaney

If you love pulp art and want to learn a little about the pulp magazines along the way, get this books.

You can order either the standard soft cover or deluxe soft cover from You can also order the standard soft cover from Amazon. The standard version has less vivid colors.

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