Science Fiction New Releases: 7 March, 2020

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The Savage Wars, a litRPG inside a derelict space station, and a lone gunslinger grace this week’s newest science fiction releases.

Banishment (The Forgotten Empire #1) – Raymond L. Weil

Can Earth save the Human Empire?

The Confederation consists of the seven oldest races in known space. They control a vast section of the galaxy. All races in that part of the galaxy are subjects of the Confederation and forced to obey the Confederation’s laws.

The Human Empire is well aware of the Confederation and has been careful not to intrude upon Confederation space. However, now the Confederation has decided the Human Empire has grown too large and needs to be brought under control of the seven races.

Warfleets are dispatched, and soon massive space battles erupt throughout the Empire. Can the Humans survive or is the time of the Empire over?

Culmination (Baldwin’s Legacy #3) – Nathan Hystad

A new Concord leader. A return to the War. A new legacy.

Captain Thomas Baldwin and the crew of Constantine have saved the Concord from the Assembly, and are tasked with bringing them to prison.

With a stop at Earon, the human home planet, everyone gets a few days of well needed rest.

When communication comes that the wormhole generator is ready, Constantine must return to the Statu system with a new fleet, alongside a brand-new flagship with a familiar AI.

Constantine Baldwin was rumored to have ended the War fifty years ago, but its up to Thomas Baldwin to really finish the job.

Join the ensemble crew of the Concord’s leading cruise ship as they encounter danger after danger, in hopes for a peaceful ending.

Daskada, The Legend (Four Horsemen Sagas #3) – Christopher Woods

At a time when Humans were just starting to venture forth into the Galactic Union as mercenaries, Martin Quincy survived long enough to do something no one else had—he retired.

There was only one problem. He got bored. What does a ‘Legend’ do when even the merc life gets boring? He starts his own company! Along with buddy Kal Turner, they marshalled their Torvasi and Andori troopers and began taking contracts. A force for good, Quincy went about the galaxy, killing aliens and getting paid, while righting all the wrongs he found along the way.

His only problem was that he was successful—too successful—and some races don’t take losing very well. Worse, they’re willing to stop at nothing—even blowing up a planet, if that’s what it takes—in order to get even with Quincy.

Can Martin find out who’s framing him and bring them to justice? Perhaps the real question is, “Will he have time?” His Sirra’Kan princess partner’s biological clock is ticking, her father Kor’Findralis, the Prime of Te’Warri, wants an heir, and now Quincy has a Blevin mistress to somehow work into the mix. What happens when you long for the simplicity of combat? You take more contracts because, on a mission, the worst thing that can happen to you is you get killed!

Galaxy’s Edge: Savage Wars – Nick Cole and Jason Anspach

The greatest conflict the galaxy has ever known…

They were the Savages. Raiders from our distant past. Elites who left Earth to create tailor-made utopias aboard the massive lighthuggers that crawled through the darkness between the stars. But the people they left behind on a dying planet didn’t perish in the dystopian nightmare the Savages had themselves created: they thrived, discovering faster-than-light technology and using it to colonize the galaxy ahead of the Savages, forming fantastic new civilizations that surpassed the wildest dreams of Old Earth.

Until the Savages came in from the Darkness…

When a Savage hulk lands on glittering New Vega, one of the crown jewels of the post-Earth galaxy, a coalition of planetary governments amasses their forces to respond to the post-human Savage Marines who’ve come to sack and enslave. But what the coalition forces find is something far more sinister than the typical Savage hit-and-run: this time, the Savages have come to stay.

Experience the beginning of the Legion. Experience the Savage Wars.

Inheritance (The Last Enclave #1) – Morgan Cole

Trapped on a derelict space station, Jake must destroy an alien infestation—or he’ll never see his home again.

Still reeling from the death of his parents, Jake finds a doorway to an abandoned space station in his grandfather’s basement. But when he walks through, he discovers he’s trapped there and he’s got company.

The station’s AI enlists Jake to reclaim the systems needed to support life, but there’s a catch—he has only eight hours to complete the task or he’ll die alone in the cold vacuum of space. With only his trusty wrecking bar, work boots, and some basic survival equipment he must defeat the horrific monsters that infest the station before his air runs out.

But aliens aren’t all he has to worry about. Hidden in the station is a message that could spell doom for Earth, and the entire universe along with it.

Neon Harvest – Jon Mollison

Within shadows cast by the dayglo lights of a city where the party never stops, one man finds himself at the epicenter of the biggest financial deal in history.

With massive fortunes and control of powerful industries on the line, he plunges into the tangled weave where high-stakes finance, powerful politics, and grimy criminal syndicates vie for control of the seething masses of humanity. And cutting his way free of the ties that bind forces him to choose between escape from this sordid world, and saving the girl of his dreams.

“Neon Harvest” is a thrilling technoir adventure set in a retrofuture that might have been.

A Rain of Fire (The Great War #1) – Ralph Kearn

War has come to the Galaxy.

The dark forces of the Neo Hegemony strike, sweeping across the worlds of the Arcadian sector and crushing all in their path.

One system stands against the onslaught, the Kingdom of New Avalon. But the men and women of their expeditionary forces are trapped behind enemy lines on a besieged planet. Losing those troops will lose the war.

Their only hope? A last-ditch rescue mission led by Captain Hal Cutter and his battleship, Achilles. Beset on all sides by lethal enemy warships, he must lead a rag-tag fleet of naval and civilian vessels across Hegemony-held space to save the beleaguered Kingdom soldiers.

In the skies and orbit, Lieutenant Jason ‘Rick’ Richards and the untested pilots of Viper squadron clash in a furious battle for supremacy against elite enemy fighters.

And on the ground, Private Patrick ‘Wink’ Goble and his platoon must hold the line against a ruthless commander and her overwhelming force of battle-tested mechs until salvation arrives.

All will play their part in this desperate struggle for survival against impossible odds.

The Great War has begun…

The Sheriff – M. R. Forbes

The invaders are gone. Earth is in ruins. The strong prey on the weak.

In the wastelands of what’s left, a lone gunslinger delivers his own brand of justice. Some call him lawman. Some call him madman. Some call him vigilante. Some call him killer. Some call him legend.

They all call him…

…the Sheriff.

This is his story.

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