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An ALT-HERO Update –

An ALT-HERO Update

Sunday , 26, November 2017 1 Comment

Just a note to apprise the Alt★Hero backers of the current progress. Vox Day has now completed the script for Alt★Hero #1: Falls the Hammer, so between Chuck and Vox, 108 pages of the 576 pages required for Alt★Hero volumes 1-6 and Avalon volumes 1-6 have been written.

The first 24 pages for Alt★Hero #2: The War in Paris are now sketched, and they are now being inked, colored, and lettered. We anticipate having at least 3 24-page books ready for digital publication by the end of the year. The digital publications will be provided to all the relevant backers, but we cannot say yet when the first trade paperback will be ready as that depends upon the artists.

Due to a number of inquiries from independent creators interested in working with Castalia, we have created a second imprint for outside projects that are either already complete or in progress, including a black-and-white neo-Lovecraftian that is definitely for adults only as well as an adaptation of a PG Wodehouse novel that will be color and for everyone. The first 24 pages of Quantum Mortis: A Man Disrupted will be done by the end of the year as well.

Also, just in case any backers missed the email, backers are permitted to add to their backing in the event they would like hardcovers instead of paperbacks, or paperbacks in addition to digital editions. Just email me to let me know of any additions; those of you who have already done so will receive confirmations later this week. The current plan is to release 24-page versions in digital format when they are ready, then publish the trade paperbacks and hardcovers once the necessary six 24-page versions are complete. Each 48-page volume will consist of two 24-page books illustrated by the same artist.

We will also be sharing some additional new artwork tomorrow as part of the launch of a major new site.

One Comment
  • Scott van der Linden says:

    I wasn’t part of the kick-starter campaign, but I want to buy the comics. I am hoping that the initial 6-issue run will generate enough sales to make this an on-going enterprise. I am getting sick of mainstream comics and their pandering to the SJWs, and would like a proper alternative – meaning a continuous stream of comics. I’m happy with digital, I’m even happy
    if the comics aren’t monthly. I’d love multiple titles, but even one would be a welcome change.
    Looking forward to the release.

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