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Classic Traveller: Session Report 4 –

Classic Traveller: Session Report 4

Thursday , 19, October 2017 1 Comment

Session characters:

Sir Percival Jones, 54577B, Age 30, Scout (3 terms, mustered out), Pilot 1, JOT 1, ATV 1, Vacc Suit 1 Elect 3. He’s cash poor, but, a lucky chap who’s survived 12 years as a scout and the service appreciates it by loaning him a ship. He’s playing Galahad on for a mother (Astrid Anderson) and child (Frelser Anderson) on the run from the Psionic Institute authorities.

Mirin Beg, 354848, Age 50, Other (8 terms, retired), Brawling 2, Gambling 2, Cutlass 3, Mechanical 2, Bribery 1. He’s got a shady background but, he gets things done. Last job he had was with Mainstar Mining Company. Now, though, he’d like to take his retirement and find a nice quite planet to relax on.

Hugo Abe, 647897, Age 26, Other (2 terms mustered out), Auto Rifle 1, Cudgel 1, Forgery 1. Something of a thug, he’s looking to make himself scarce from local organized crime groups; perhaps start a new life on the off-world colonies. Turns out he’s been bonding with Frelser and helping him during his seizures during jumps.

Jeffro already covered this session in this post here. But, since he focused on mechanics, what follows is an over all summary of the session. We began with Hugo and Mirin interrogating the captured Psionic Agent Roger Carlson. See last session. That and Percival finishing up his Psionic Detector (used as both an alarm and as a tracker of psi potential). They pilot the stolen air/raft and Roger back to the port. There, they bribe the port guards and hie away to ship to watch the effect of their exploits on television.

From the news they learn:
  • The riotors have lynched the politician (Wolfgang Bergerson) who they dropped off into the middle of the anti-psi riot. There are stark photos of him hanging from a lamppost.
  • The police put down the rioters but, there are now anti-psi pograms spreading through the city. Martial law is being declared.

At this point, Percival tries out his new detector on Roger. Sure enough Roger has significant psionic potential. Mirin asks Roger if he is reading their minds right now. Roger says, “You don’t understand, it’s not like that. At least not for me. I’ve got some telekinesis training but, that’s it. I could retrieve my keys from a counter but, I can’t read minds.” Percival notes a flashing light on his detector, “Umm, Hugo, it says you have psionic potential too.” This revelation leaves Hugo gobsmacked. But, with nothing to be done about it, they set about interrogating Roger.

From Roger they learn:
  • The Psionics Institute want to protect themselves from the mythical Jump Spiders. Their goal is to harness to resources of the empire to thwart the Jump Spiders and protect the subsector.
  • The Jump Spiders have been psionically preying on those with significant psionic potential and killing them. This has left the Psionic Institute staffed with the mildly psionic or the very psionic. But, the greatest group, the middling psionic are either gone or incapacitated.
  • Historic research has linked the Jump Spiders to past supernova in the subsector. The supernova systems may contain clues about the Jump Spiders goals, movements, and powers. The three identified systems match those Percival identified when he was mind-melded in the pyramid on Kahas. The closest system is the asteroid system Radytavus which is one jump away for the Nellie Grey.
  •  The Psionic Institute wants to identify those with significant psi power. And, then use them, after training, to oppose the Jump Spiders.

Mirin and Hugo are interrupted by a hammering on the airlock door. There’s a commotion outside. A teenage girl of about 16 is pounding on the door. The girl is outlandishly dressed in a gleaming white chiton. She wears a Corinthian helmet and carries a spear, sword, and revolver. She demands the ship’s inhabitants come out and face her in single combat. On the intercom Mirin asks “Why?” She claims they destroyed her home planet. Mirin asserts they had nothing to do with it. It was a coincidence they were there when the star exploded. The girl resumes pounding. Mirin and Hugo then surprise her by flanking her by exiting out of the air/raft doors. She again challenges them to combat. Hugo tells her to go away and emphasizes it by firing his shotgun over her head. The girl then withdraws with shouts of “This isn’t over.”

Mirin and Hugo finish up their interrogation of Roger, a timid soul, who just wants to get back to his family. He does give them some information on how to contact the psionic guerrillas should they need to. Then Percival fashions psionic shield helmets for all three characters. The first helmet built from the remains of the helmet torn from Jonah Jensen (the guy rescued from the villa). Then they decide to blow the planet and head to Radytavus to look for further clues. At this point Hugo’s player needed to sign out. We leave Hugo is in his stateroom pondering his new sense of self.

Unfortunately, on the way out they find the Amazon girl chasing them in a ship of her own. She hails them under the call sign of her ship, the Always Fought and demands that they surrender. Percival is having none of it. And, besides, he has a shiny new turret to try out. Mirin at this point recommends they decompress the hull and don spacesuits. There is a running fight with the Nellie Grey chased by the Always Fought. The Amazonian ship has both lasers and missiles which outguns the Nellie Grey. Percival runs dropping sand behind him. The sand helps him slowly increase his lead as the Amazon must dodge the sand to avoid taking damage. The sand does ward off several laser shots and even hinders a missile. The Nellie Grey also has a hard time hitting the Always Fought due to the effects of its own sand. Things were looking bad for the Nellie Grey. They had received four hull hits when Percival finally scored his first and only laser hit. Mirin wondered whether the girl would be in a vacc suit as well. I figured that, being young and inexperienced, that she might not be. I gave them a 1 in 6 chance to hit the cockpit. I also had to roll under the girls intelligence for her to have donned a vacc suit. Luck was against the Amazon, they hit the cockpit and she hadn’t donned a suit. Then I followed the rule to give her a chance to don a suit during a decompression. Again, another failed roll. They see a jet of frozen gas blow out of the compartment. The Always Fought stops maneuvering and fighting. But, it is still accelerating on a constant 2 g thrust. All is silent.

Percival and Mirin debate the merits of salvaging the now silent ship or fleeing to the next system. They decide to wait until next session once Hugo is back.


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