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After several sessions, we have now played through the careers of two American submarine captains. We both started in April 1942 and then went all the way to the end of World War 2. It never ceases to surprise me, but this game is completely different from the one covering the German U-boats. They fight […]

This session opened up with the gang following up on an old plot hook that’s been mouldering around since the very first session: they wanted to go check up on the Brutorz-riding Commanche tribe to the northwest. The party was tempted to go check out the Cyclops people I mentioned that lived up in the […]

Kate writes in with a question about tabletop gaming: Jeffro, What kind of rpg stuff do you enjoy doing around the table if not character interaction? When you object to characters having motivations, what exactly are you objecting to? That they have any motivations at all, or the type of motivations? Great question! But answering […]

Session characters: Sir Percival Jones, 54577B, Age 30, Scout (3 terms, mustered out), Pilot 1, JOT 1, ATV 1, Vacc Suit 1 Elect 3. He’s cash poor, but, a lucky chap who’s survived 12 years as a scout and the service appreciates it by loaning him a ship. He’s playing Galahad on for a mother […]

So an Emissary of the Last Tribe of Man has left Yamtown taking 15 pure strain humans with him. He’s promised to send back 15 pallets of Venusian delicacies. Meanwhile a group of very angry Badders have declared that they will be back soon in order to demand tribute again– and if Yamtown doesn’t pay […]

Yes, Ogre: Designer’s Edition is too danged big. Lugging that giant overproduced kickstarter game is a major hassle. And I don’t use half the stuff in it. I use the classic counter set instead of the colorful new pieces. I don’t bother to get out the fancy 3D pieces. I don’t even use the new […]

Ogre and G.E.V. are easily among the top 100 best games ever created. The gigantic cybernetic battle-tanks tend to get the most attention, and that’s understandable. Winchell Chung’s depictions of the Ogre Mark V is among gaming’s most iconic illustrations of all time. And the awesomeness of one single unit plowing through an entire army […]

The lay of the land surrounding the player’s base of Yam Town comes into one notch better focus: Gordo is partying it down with representatives of the Last Remnants of civilization four days travel to the west. (Two through clear terrain and two through desert.) There’s still some sort of gigantic mutant bug rampaging around […]

For the better part of the year I’ve been playing in a Mutant: Year Zero game. And, now, since I recently started playing a new game of Gamma World (run by and covered by Jeffro Johnson here) I reckon it makes some sense to do a short bit of compare and contrast. Thematically both games […]

A reader with the eminently post-apocalyptic name of Taarkoth writes in with this grievous lament: So these and the last two posts got me interested in looking at 1e Gamma World, only for me to find to my immense frustration that, other than prohibitively expensive physical copies on ebay, the only Gamma World available for legal […]

Running a game you’ve never run with a group you’ve never run for with people that don’t necessarily know the rules…? It’s tough! Running one that blows away all of your usual tricks and techniques of holding a game session together…? That’s a recipe order of magnitude more referee anxiety right there. Lucky for me, […]

I may be in the minority with this, but I have spent decades of my gaming life in a state of abject fear at the prospects of making up my on rpg campaign setting. I’m just not like Brian Niemeier or Ed Greenwood. I don’t reflexively fill up notebooks of gaming material when I’m prepping […]