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Monday , 10, March 2014 6 Comments

Castalia House is extremely pleased to announce the release of AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND, a collection of four novellas by John C. Wright set in the famous Night Land of William Hope Hodgson. It is not an easy book to categorize. Part anthology, part novel, it consists of four novellas that are tied together in one vast story spanning five million years. It is the masterful combination of three literary subgenres, SF, Fantasy, and Horror. AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND is set in the world first created in a novel published in 1912 and yet it is far more original than the vast majority of SF/F published in the last fifty years. It is remorselessly grim and set in a world more inhumanly horrific than anything you are likely to imagine, and yet it is an uplifting tribute to the unquenchable human spirit.

It is monstrous and glorious and ghastly and magnificent.

The verdict from the first reviewers is uniformly positive:

  • “The Last of All Suns” may be the best SF novella I have ever read. I am not kidding.
  • Every now and then someone comes along who not only can say things nicely, but can say important things nicely. That somebody, in the modern age, is John C. Wright.
  • He projects an atmosphere of hope amid the vast emptiness of a dead world.
  • Set millions of years in the future the story and setting can really only be compared to the worst nightmares of Lovecraft. I cannot stress enough, read this book! If you like Lovecraft, the darkest visions of Stephen King, or the visions of H.R. Giger you will love this book. If you like science fiction especially the ‘Dying Earth’ genre of Jack Vance, Leigh Brackett, Michael Moorcock, you will love this book. If you’ve never heard of those authors or those books, read this book.

In addition to the Amazon link provided above, Awake in the Night Land is also available in epub format at Smashwords.

  • Carbnel says:

    Can you give us a heads up in this space as to when the published-on-dead-tree version is coming? I’ve got Christmas and birthday presents coming up and want to plan accordingly. As a bonus incentive, you don’t even have to send me a review copy, but I promise to review it (positively, it’s made of awesome) for WashYARG.

  • James oakley says:

    Who can I contact about proofreading errors in this book (which I thoroughly loved)?
    There are at least 10 spots where it appears spellchecking ultimately failed by using a correctly spelled word that was wrong for the sentence.

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