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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 28 August 2021 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 28 August 2021

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Wars for freedom, space, and magic fill this week’s new releases.

Embark – Jon Justice

Kaytha has found something, and humanity won’t survive with it.

In the future, global corporations DeCorp and EnerCon have made interstellar travel possible and space flight available to all humanity. But, when an industrial accident inside DeCorp sets off an apocalyptic chain of events, all of Earth is at risk.

Meanwhile, Kaytha Morrow receives a cryptic message from her father, an aerospace engineer who died one year earlier. As the planet-wide evacuation begins, fellow pilot Taft Gaurdia eagerly agrees to help her investigate.

Amid the growing chaos, the ruthless Sint Argum of DeCorp attempts to exploit the disaster and gain control, while Taft and Kaytha make a shocking discovery that may hold the key to saving humanity from the tyranny of DeCorp’s evil leader.

Knights of Visaria (The War Masters #1) – Michael G. Thomas

A thousand year ago the First Empire fell, now the remnants of that ancient realm face an even greater enemy.

A new power rises, and first to face its wrath is the peaceful Duchy of Visaria and its glittering City of Light. Legions of northern mercenary soldiers, horsemen from the east, and centaur beasts from the great plains march against them burning ports and towns as they head further south. As the duchy is quickly overrun, the fearless Princess Ikarae escapes the carnage to look for aid wherever she can find it.

With the old kingdoms refusing to intervene, Princess Ikarae assembles an unlikely band of heroes and mercenaries to help Visaria take the fight to the enemy. Franz von Müller, the aged military strategist, Reinfried, the young knight keen to prove his prowess in battle, Henry Hawkins, the suave arms dealer, Captain Harlac, a skilled sailor and privateer, and Adept Uriel, a mysterious eyeless praetor with the power to harness the natural world to deadly effect. Will these heroes, and the remaining Knights of Visaria be enough to turn back the tide before the City of Light falls?

Neverstone: The Mad Elf – Ned Caratacus

Era Gualtieri lives his life on permanent hard mode…

His right leg is gone, his hometown was bombed into toxic waste, and he’s elvish in an age when pointy ears are the mother of all “kick me” signs. He’s spent the past four years hopping trains and shoplifting just to survive, with only his flying sword to keep him safe.

Now, he’s suddenly the only guy on the planet who’s legally allowed to stop the new Dark Lord.

But Era’s in no mood to bail out. Besides, his new government-appointed comrades (the edgiest sorceress in the food court, and a healer who’s all heart and 0% brains) won’t stand for such nonsense.

Worse, an ancient conspiracy lurks at the heart of the whole Dark Lord fiasco, keeping the world in a cycle of constant violence for profit. Era’s determined to get to the bottom of it, even if it means being branded an outlaw for the rest of his life.

Give a Gualtieri two paths to choose, and he’ll take the third.

Silent Order: Royal Hand – Jonathan Moeller

Jack March must choose between duty and the woman he loves.

Elite Silent Order operative Jack March has only ever loved one woman.

But when the brutal cybernetic Final Consciousness unleashes its battle fleets upon Calaskar, March must decide upon his loyalties.

Yet every path leads to ruin.

Because no matter what choice he makes, the sinister masterminds of the Final Consciousness want him dead…

Smoke and Shadow (The Dragon Thief #3) – D. K. Holmberg

The bonded smoke dragon may be key to saving the kingdom.

Ty has bonded to a strange smoke dragon and trains as a Tecal. If he can’t control the connection, the dragon will be stripped from him so that another can use the power of the dragon in service of the kingdom, as the threat from Lothinal is not gone.

When Roson James makes his move, Ty feels an increased urgency to understand how to connect to the dragon. Help comes from an unlikely source, but it might not be in time.

This time, the kingdom is not the only target. And those able to intervene may have the power Roson James needs to bring about their downfall.

Seize What’s Held Dear (Fall of the Censor #3) – Karl K. Gallagher

A dozen cities nuked. Millions dead. The Fierans are burning for revenge.

Marcus Landry is eager to fight the Censorate, but desperate to protect the innocents oppressed by Censorate rule . . . including his beloved, trapped behind enemy lines.

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