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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 21 August 2021 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 21 August 2021

Saturday , 21, August 2021 1 Comment

Alien invasions, fog monsters, and rebel moons fill this week’s new releases.

Arrival (The Kyron Invasion #1) – Jasper T. Scott

Chris Randall just lost his job as a bodyguard. That night, after picking up his wife, Bree, from her shift at a local casino, he breaks the bad news.

Moments later, thunder cracks the sky, but there’s no lightning. Flaming debris rain across the valley, and a dark mass goes sailing out of the clouds, headed straight for LA.

It’s not one of the Union’s starships, because they can’t defy gravity like that. But then what is it?

The answer chills both Chris and Bree to their cores: it’s an invasion.

They have to pick up their kids and get away from the city. But the Randalls soon discover that nowhere is far enough away to keep them safe.

Blessed Time – Cale Plamann

Some disasters can only be avoided if you know they’re coming…

On Karell, you are either blessed by the gods, granted a unique power and the ability to gain experience and levels, or you are forgotten. Micah Silver was a boy picked for greatness. Chosen by the gods to bear a mythic power, he longed to take his place amongst the heroes and legends he grew up reading about.

Unfortunately, his primary blessing only allows him to travel into the past by sacrificing his class, wealth, and levels–a psychological burden that Micah is reluctant to shoulder. But, even if Micah is unwilling, fate has a way of forcing you to face your destiny… and running away can cost you everything.

Over and over again…

Brutal Dreams – J. D. Cowan

A Living Nightmare

After awakening in the woods, Christopher Archer finds himself trapped in a world outside of time. Fog monsters, armed gangsters, and a legendary spear, all await his arrival. But what about the fiancé who disappeared months ago?

As Archer explores this eternal midnight, he can only wonder—is this all just a dream, or is there something more hidden in the dark, watching his every move?

There is one choice. He must traverse the nightmare and learn the truth.

Dark Victory (Galaxy’s Edge #12) – Jason Anpach and Nick Cole

The Darkest Secrets Stay Hidden

Galaxy’s Edge Season Two continues as a divided galaxy is navigated by heroes forced to chart their own dangerous courses.

Wraith, seeking to acquire intel on the mysterious Kill Team Ice, finds himself teamed up with an unlikely Nether Ops ally. Zora and Garret, in pursuit of a lost friend, will have their loyalty to Captain Keel tested. And the strain on Nilo and Black Leaf continues to grow, with unexpected intensity.

For all of them, the path forward is a crooked one, weaving through House of Reason loyalists, Bronze Guild bounty hunters, brutal slavers, Legion operators, and the mysteries now emerging from the empty and foreboding space beyond galaxy’s edge. And each step along that path only seems to reveal a new, darker truth about what’s coming for them.

But one thing is increasingly certain. War is brewing.

Delay (Alpha Physics #2) – Alex Kozlowski

When the Alpha Event struck Earth, the rules of reality itself were rewritten. Millions died as the world was transformed into a lethal realm of magic and monsters – yet somehow, an overweight, out-of-shape construction supervisor managed not just to survive the apocalypse, but inadvertently became an reluctant hero after saving thousands from one of the many monsters spawned by the mana storm.

Now, Adrian Fitzgerald is slimmed down, leveled-up, and ready for the dangerous journey back home to his wife and kids – but the Interface he’s spliced with has other plans. Creatures even deadlier than the Bird are almost certainly threatening survivors on the road to Melbourne, and as Adrian learns more about the rules and systems that govern this new reality, he’s called to a duty greater than just his own survival. Thousands of souls are counting on his newly-acquired strengths and skills, and the Interface is challenging Adrian to choose between his own desires and continuing along the path towards a destiny he’d never realized he’d been capable of.

Which will he choose?

The Sentinel (Hunter’s Moon #3) – Walt Robilard

In the deepest dark, even a single spark can ignite the fires of hope.

As old age creeps at the edges of his life, Papa Marco drudges one day into the next until a single shout rekindles memories of who and what he is. Hidden by his shaggy gray mane, a forgotten strength remembered becomes the kindling that will set the Frontier ablaze on a path to war.

With each battlefield win, the leader Marco once was becomes the signal fire to rally scattered colonial forces in a push to reclaim their freedom. Rising out of the ashes of the Exodus Wars, their enemy will stop at nothing to silence their victory cries in the cold dark void. Can the Marshals, Lancers, and cartels forge an alliance against a greater threat while chasing an answer to the question at the center of their struggle?

Where is the Mongrel, Orin Lashra?

Strap in beside the crew of the Baby Doll as they hunt between the battles to satisfy their thirst for vengeance and prove once and for all that family isn’t just something you’re born into; it’s something you build.

Someday the Stars (The Lunar Free State #2) – John E. Siers

Someday…is now!

It’s been ten years since the Lunar Free State established itself as an independent nation on Earth’s Moon. Since then, other Earth nations have pushed into space, competing with the LFS for the untapped resources of the Solar System, but—thanks to the advantages provided by its gravity-driven spacecraft—the LFS has continued to grow and prosper, and relations with the Earth nations remain…strained, at best.

When the research ship LFS Stephen Hawking encounters an alien probe near Saturn, though, the craft leads Hawking on a merry chase before vanishing into…well, for want of a better term, hyperspace. Now the Lunar Free State must face two undeniable facts: the humans of Earth are not the only intelligent life in the universe and travel to other star systems is possible.

The LFS has to figure out how to get to hyperspace, too, and the time they have to do so is limited. Someone else out there now knows humanity exists, and the countdown clock is ticking until whoever sent the alien craft decides to come calling.

Wrack and Ruin (Battleborne #2) – Dave Willmarth

Maximilian Storm has embraced his new life as a Battleborne. Reincarnated on a strange world in a powerful chimera body, he has gathered friends, made enemies, and developed wondrous new magical and physical abilities. He’s even discovered that a couple of his men, Smitty and Dylan, have chosen to join him on this world.

Max is on a mission to secure and expand his newly conquered kingdom, Stormhaven. But War Chief An’zalor wants his mine back. When he sends a small army of orcs to capture it, Max’s party, along with his dwarven and orc allies, must help him defend his new territory.

An epic quest is discovered, sending Max and his core party into the wilds to track down and retrieve a powerful artifact. New friends are discovered, and new challenges met along the way. When Max ventures off on his own, he discovers a lost territory, and an ancient dwarven secret that may change the lives of everyone. A secret that might also end his own life, and his reign.

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    Nice to see Walt’s book highlighted here. I can personally recommend the Hunter’s Moon books. They are excellent!

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