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Mongol Moon –

Mongol Moon

Sunday , 16, June 2024 2 Comments

I have enjoyed reading future war/WW3 novels over the years – Ralph Peters, John Antal, Ian Slater, Tom Clancy, Harold Coyle come to mind.

A new entry is Mongol Moon by Mark Sibley. The author bio states:

“Mark Sibley is a corporate crisis manager and war gamer. He’s developed and facilitated over a hundred war games for various organizations over the years and managed as many real-world crises for those organizations.”

The book came out a few months ago. A short description of the book:

World War III began years ago, and the American government didn’t even know it.

For years, while Iran and North Korea kept Western diplomats busy, China and Russia have been quietly seeding the US with spies and soldiers.

Now a silent army of occupation lurks inside US borders, and for America, it is already too late.

On Christmas Eve, the assault begins.

The novel has the attempted knock out blow that I always thought would have to be done to take the U.S. out with a combination of EMP, tactical nukes, and nerve agent aerosol.

The book is a real page turner though something of a neo-con fantasy. Sibley seems unaware the Russian Army does not carry AK-47s anymore (and has not for a while). There are some nice, newer Kalashnikov assault rifles out there now. No mention of the bull pup rifle (QBZ-95) the Chi-coms are currently using.

Sibley has chapters with multiple characters that eventually coalesce including astronauts from the International Space Station, Marines training at Ft. Knox, a C.I.A. analyst living outside of D.C.

I just don’t see Russia getting involved. The novel has those evil Russkies pushing into Europe after the EMP attack there.

How about a novel with American Civil War 2 and various foreign governments picking and backing their preferred factions?

This is the first of what I believe to be a three book series.

  • ReaganFan says:

    Is this book good for Jews and support of Israel and Ukraine? Yes. So it’s worth supporting

  • Maxwell Grant says:

    The amount of illiteracy coming out of the neocon propaganda hive known as Military Vet Fiction Writers on Russia is as high as Everest. Nothing these Infowarriors of the Biden Regime can do will save the failing efforts of the Jews, be they in Israel or Ukraine.

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