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DMR Books has a series of reprint anthologies of classic fantastic fiction. The first is Planetary Adventures. “Heroic tales of sword-swinging adventure can sometimes be found in unlikely places—such as the pages of Golden Age science fiction magazines! Rather than being set in the dim past or a fantastic dream-world, the stories in this collection […]

RPG (Matthew Constantine): It’s no secret, Call of Cthulhu is my favorite tabletop RPG.  If I had to pick one, this is it.  I’ve been playing it since the last 80s, I’ve been running it since the late 90s.  It’s the game I typically use to introduce people to the tabletop RPG hobby.  It’s my […]

The fifth issue of Science Fiction Adventures from August 1957 continued the “3 complete novels” format. Robert Engle produced the cover painting for this issue. Robert Silverberg was present as “Ivar Jorgeson” in “This World Must Die!” The Jorgenson biography states he was born in the little fishing village of Haugesund, Norway immigrating to the […]

The glare and the clatter died at the same time throughout the Club Samedi. Even the buzzing crowd-noise suspended in expectation. Behind the orchestra sounded a gong. Once. Twice. Thrice… The master of ceremonies intoned: ‘Midnight. The witching hour. And Illyria!’ The gong chimed on to twelve and stopped. From his table on the floor of […]

This week’s releases take readers to digital battlegrounds, Roman frontiers, and lunar rebellions. Cyber-Mage Realization (Overtaken Online #3) – Ben Ormstad OVERTAKEN ONLINE. The world’s first FPS VR-MMORPG with 100% immersion. Reminiscent of classics like Doom and Dead Space, but with RPG-elements that enable players to level up and develop skills – and sprinkled with […]