Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 03 July, 2021

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This week’s releases take readers to digital battlegrounds, Roman frontiers, and lunar rebellions.

Cyber-Mage Realization (Overtaken Online #3) – Ben Ormstad

OVERTAKEN ONLINE. The world’s first FPS VR-MMORPG with 100% immersion. Reminiscent of classics like Doom and Dead Space, but with RPG-elements that enable players to level up and develop skills – and sprinkled with a pinch of magic.

Dex, Frida, Hiko and Tasha successfully opened the Godmadrigan Army and the Celestial aliens up to forming an alliance against the Daemonorgs. Now they’re assigned the crucial mission of eliminating key parts of the daemons’ on-ground strongholds, since weakening the beasts’ parasitic grip on the planet is needed to enable their long-awaited defeat.

Simultaneously, Dex’s journey from being a mere Battle-Marine grunt to a true Cyber-Mage solidifies when he comes in contact with his master Patrio’s collaborator, Ÿlvette – a no-bullshit, high-leveled bad-ass able to rip a demon to bloody shreds by simply snapping her fingers.

The Fort (City of Victory #1) – Adrian Goldsworthy


The Dacian kingdom and Rome are at peace, but no one thinks that it will last. Sent to command an isolated fort beyond the Danube, centurion Flavius Ferox can sense that war is coming, but also knows that enemies may be closer to home.

Many of the Brigantes under his command are former rebels and convicts, as likely to kill him as obey an order. And then there is Hadrian, the emperor’s cousin, and a man with plans of his own…

Gritty, gripping and profoundly authentic, The Fort is the first book in a brand new trilogy set in the Roman empire from bestselling historian Adrian Goldsworthy.

The Gate of the Feral Gods (Dungeon Crawler Carl #4) – Matt Dinniman

New Achievement! Total, Utter Failure.

You failed a quest less than five minutes after you received it. Now that’s talent.

A floating fortress occupied by warrior gnomes. A castle made of sand. A derelict submarine guarded by malfunctioning machines. A haunted crypt surrounded by lethal traps.

It was supposed to be easy. One bubble. Four castles. Fifteen days. Capture each one, and the stairwell is unlocked.

Here’s the thing. It’s never easy. Carl and his team can’t go it alone. Not this time. They must rely on the help of the low-level, I-can’t-believe-these-idiots-are-still-alive crawlers trapped in the bubble with them. But can they be trusted?

Welcome, Crawler. Welcome to the fifth floor of the dungeon.

The Moon and Beyond (The Lunar Free State #1) – John E. Siers

Ian Stevens, director of the Deep Space Research Institute, isn’t interested in conducting research just for the sake of research. While the rest of the world—including the U.S. government—thinks that’s the DSRI’s sole mission, Stevens is actually interested in more—he wants manned space travel and the colonization of the moon.

With NASA defunct, few scientific probes are being launched, and no one even talks about human spaceflight anymore. Stevens is out to change that. A billionaire in his own right, Stevens has assembled a crew of the best scientists and engineers he can find, and the DSRI is secretly building and testing gravity-powered spacecraft.

There’s just one problem—the project would be widely condemned worldwide, especially since there’s no government supervision. Everything they do has to be kept out of sight and away from the prying eyes of the NSA, Homeland Security, the IRS, OSHA, and a half-dozen other government agencies. They’ve got the world’s smartest computer on their side, but will it be enough?

As the government gets ever closer to figuring out what the DSRI is doing, Stevens’ plan to establish a permanent settlement on the Moon nears fruition. The race is on—will the government find out and shut down the project, or will Stevens be able to implement…the Lunar Free State?

Pyresouls Apocalypse: Futures Grave – James T. Callum

Embrace the flame’s rage or leave the future in ruins.

The tutorial is over. The rules of Pyresouls have changed for the worse. Defeating the Burgon Beast should’ve been the end of it, but it was only the beginning.

Beating the next boss monster that invades Earth will only stave off the Collapse, not prevent it. The future devoid of all life but a single Pyre proves that.

Jacob refuses to accept that future. He’s done playing their games. Even if he must walk through the fires of despair and glory to be rid of them.

Back in the past, the Gnawing Hunger roams free, monsters run unchecked between the shards, and abominations of unfathomable power lurk beneath the surface of Lormar.

Otherworldly beings pull the strings behind Pyresouls, twisting the challenges Jacob faces at every turn to exploit his weaknesses and thwart his progress.

Trapped between two timelines, having lived a second life he can’t remember, can Jacob find the dark truth behind Pyresouls and uncover the secrets of Lormar’s demise, or will he leave the future a grave and Earth a long-rotten corpse?

Or somehow, something even worse?

Viridian Skies (Rim Jumper #2) – Tim Rangnow

A journey into the depths of madness.

After several months of training his new apprentice, Kole Anwynn is talked into visiting the Viridia system. A rare celestial event will bring three days of near darkness to the inhabited portions of the main planet, and Neela is eager to attend the festival filled with music, food, and fun that will celebrate the stunning eclipse.

In order to convince him, Neela lines up a quick job they can handle before the festival starts. An archaeologist eager to explore Ancient ruins on the planet is looking for escorts. Kole meets the woman, and decides to take on the job that will cover most of the exorbitant costs associated with attending the Viridian Skies festival.

Kole soon learns that an old rival is escorting a competing party toward the ruins, led by one of the few people to enter them and come out alive. The tales of such survivors speak of madness and insanity, and Kole is desperate to keep himself and Neela far away from whatever might cause it. Under the green light of the shimmering auroras that fill the sky during the three day eclipse, Kole and Neela face their greatest test.

Not everyone who begins this journey will survive.

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  • JohnnyMac says:

    I look forward to reading “The Fort” by Adrian Goldsworthy. Despite the “Book 1” on the cover this is actually the fourth novel about the centurion Flavius Ferox. The three earlier titles were “Vindolanda” (2017), “The Encircling Sea” (2018) and “Brigantia” (2019). These were set in Roman Britain and the barbarian territories bordering it. Goldsworthy is both a first rate story teller and a historian who is an expert on the Roman military. I recommend his books.

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