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Science Fiction and Fantasy: 24 July 2021 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy: 24 July 2021

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This week’s new releases feature the last stand of a museum ship, a game world affecting the real world, and the travails of a blind prince.

The Cost of Freedom (Starship Freedom #2) – Daniel Arenson

Not long ago, the starship Freedom was a museum ship. A relic of a bygone era. A rusty old warship converted into a tourist trap. Then the aliens attacked.

Now, once more, the legendary Freedom flies to war.

The war is brutal. The enemy is merciless. The rahs, vicious arachnids from deep space, crave only one thing. Human flesh. Before this terror, Earth’s fleet crumbles. Starships burn. Millions die.

But the Freedom still flies. James King, her gruff old commander, still fights.

The Freedom will never surrender. The Freedom will never flee. The long, cold night has come to Earth, but the Freedom shines bright.

The survivors of the fleet rally behind her. All brave souls heed her call. The Freedom sounds the cry of Earth: We will win

The Frontiers Saga: Fall of the Core – Ryk Brown

A freelance reporter struggling to get into the ‘big time’…

A rookie officer starting her career in public safety…

A cargo ship captain trying to outlive a terminal illness that has no cure…

A bounty hunter returning a long-hunted fugitive to Earth…

A terrible plague that threatens to destroy the human race…

The 25th century is not starting off very well.

“Fall of the Core” is a 150,000 word stand-alone novel in the Frontiers Saga Universe.”

Kingfall (The Kingfall Histories #1) – David Estes

Warring kingdoms. Ancient blades. Dragonriders and godlings. A growing evil that threatens to destroy the world. Don’t miss the highly anticipated follow up series to the #1 Amazon bestselling saga, The Fatemarked Epic.

Be bright but do not burn. Embrace the darkness but do not live in the shadows.

Infused with magic, shadows and starlight, the powerful godblades were believed to be lost nearly half a millennia ago, when the Godswar ended. Now, however, one has been found by the unlikeliest of wielders: Sampson Gaard, a blind but ambitious prince with something to prove. The only question is whether he controls the blade or the blade him. With an insidious evil lurking in the shadows, the answer may very well determine the fate of all Kingfall.

Play (Hexworld #2) – Kevin J. Anderson

It was written in the Rules—Save the World!

Over the past two years, a group of four players had given so much to their role-playing world that it had developed a magic of its own.

The creatures, warriors, sorcerers, thieves—all came alive.

Now, there is an odd connection between the gamers and their characters, splitting into factions to determine the fate of the Game itself, and both the inside and the outside worlds.

One thing is for certain. Hexworld will never be the same.

The Prisoner’s Dilemma (Liberty of Death #1) – Joe Kassabian

When the Galaxy is on fire, there are no heroes…

Vincent Solaris is a teenager drifting through life who manages to graduate Ethics School by the skin of his teeth. His unplanned future changes dramatically when he is arrested and charged with crimes against the Central Committee after a night of drinking.

While he escapes the gallows, Vincent is sentenced to three years of service in the Earth Defense Forces.

Vincent is sent off to train, thinking that he’ll simply spend the next few years lazing away at the edges of Human controlled space. This idea is shattered when a mysterious alien army attacks.

On his way to the far-flung killing fields of war, Vincent meets Fiona, a Martian gangster serving a life sentence. Together, they must find a way to survive against the most terrifying foe that humanity has ever faced.

Shedding the Past (The Coalition #8) – Alex Rath

With things calm outside the Strorix system—at least for now—Queen El’Jyiurma has time to work on things at home. She has new hatchlings to take care of as well as a growing empire, and she has her coils full. The Gnevusin threat isn’t over, though. The only questions are how long will they wait to attack, and will it be long enough for the ships the Serpentes have coming to be brought into service?

With new ships on the way, and not enough crews, the Strorix Royal Navy welcomes its first humans to its ranks, but not every Serpentes is ready for the change. Can the humans withstand the pressure and stick with it to become SRN officers? Cadet Shawn Savage, for one, knew the road wouldn’t be easy when he was accepted into the accelerated track, but he had no idea what was waiting for him…or who.

And, if that wasn’t enough, El’Jyiurma comes across information that will shake the very roots of the Strorix system to its core. She was chosen as the leader, and now she faces her most difficult challenge since taking the crown. Will she rise to the challenge, or will the Serpentes’ civilization be destroyed by the centuries-old secret?

Victory’s Wake (Deception Fleet #1) – Daniel Gibbs and Steve Rzasa

The treaty is signed.  The war is over.

Or is it?

Three decades of bitter galactic warfare between the League of Sol and the Terran Coalition have finally come to an end. Fresh off a successful intelligence operation, Captain Jackson Adams seeks a few days’ respite on the family ranch—a visit cut short by more than long-festering familial issues.

Despite public declarations of peace, the League continues stirring conflict. Millions of refugees have amassed at the Coalition border, straining relief organizations. Subversives use rival cartels to flood the camps with drugs and weapons, while the ensuing media coverage further divides a war-weary populace.

Actions bearing all the hallmarks of League involvement.

Without hard evidence, any military deployments will only exacerbate an already untenable situation. Coalition Intelligence tasks Jackson with gathering a ragtag crew for a black ops mission—infiltrate the cartels and discover the enemy’s ultimate scheme. But what they uncover is more horrifying than anyone ever anticipated.

And threatens to embroil the Terran Coalition in an explosive new war with an old enemy.

Wizard of Wisdom (Wisdom Saga #1) – W. C. Connor

A Wizard seeks eternal life… and control of all things that live…

Wil has arrived at his sixty-fifth birthday after a directionless, purposeless, largely friendless lifetime. In the little village of Wisdom which sits close against the Old Forest, the last refuge of the elves before they departed this realm, he finds a place where he finally feels at home working as the assistant of the village swineherd, Scrubby.

On the other side of the Principality of Gleneagle, the wizard Greyleige has been hoarding the world’s fading magic with the intent of achieving the eternal life of the departed elves. The ruling prince’s daughter, Princess Caron, has been tracking Greyleige’s machinations, convinced that he is the danger to the balance of good and evil in the world that was foretold in the family scrolls which were written by their elven ancestors before their departure centuries earlier.

Fate has put Wil, Caron, Scrubby, and Greyleige on a collision course that will determine whether or not evil will overbalance goodness and plunge the world into a future of endless terror and despair.

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