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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 10 July 2021 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 10 July 2021

Saturday , 10, July 2021 Leave a comment

Secret histories, time-travelling billionaires, and seafaring assassins occupy this week’s new releases.

Alchemist Assault (The Alchemist #2) – Dan Michaelson and D. K. Holmberg

Alchemy is the key to stopping the Nighlan, but no Alchemists remain.

The dangerous alchemy key has bonded to Sam, giving him access to the almanac that is the key to the ancient power of true Alchemy. He’s made an enemy of the Nighlan, but it’s those inside of the Academy he worries more about. Though he has no magic, he has continued to excel, which puts a target on his back. He has allies inside of the Academy, but remains an outsider.

When the Nighlan attack in the city and Sam is targeted, his connection to the key is threatened. Without that and the almanac, the Academy lacks the defenses that can protect it. If Sam can’t find his connection to the key, not only might another claim it from him, but he could be permanently scarred.

This time, his knowledge of Alchemy and the arcane arts might not be enough. Sam must find real power within himself for failure means that more than the Academy will fall to the Nighlan.

Combat Frame XSeed: Classified Intel – Brian Niemeier

The post-future’s secrets revealed!

A freedom fighter returns from exile in space to liberate his people …

An outcast soldier defies a global regime to regain his honor …

A veteran pilot battles a ruthless foe to save the earth …

A noble pagan seeks immortality through glorious death in battle …

An ice-cold killer confronts his demons to secure humanity’s future …

A journalist pursues truth at all costs and learns the price of dissent …

These larger-than-life characters’ gripping stories reveal the secret history of Combat Frame XSeed.

E-Day – Nicholas Sansbury-Smith

The most advanced soldiers in human history are about to become obsolete.

Engines. Genetically modified warriors that keep the great Nova Alliance war machine churning against the enemy Coalition. Most days, Engines are all that stand between salvation and chaos. Led by legendary Engine, Captain Akira Hayashi, Shadow Squad has fought on the frontlines for a decade. They are on the brink of victory when the Coalition launches a series of desperate and devastating attacks that cripple the Nova Alliance restoration sites vital to save the dying planet.

As the sites burn and Earth’s hope of salvation fades, Shadow Squad is equipped with neural implants to connect them to Apeiron, the first hybrid-human-AI entity. She is coded for what Captain Hayashi believes is an impossible task—peace. But war isn’t the only threat to the Earth. Apeiron has uncovered a deadly secret with implications that could end all life. This rapidly approaching threat can be stopped only if humanity bands together on what will become known as E-Day, a pivotal moment that will determine the evolution—or the extinction—of the entire human race.

Hold the Line (Chimera Company #5) – Tim C. Taylor

We stand together…or fall apart and be eaten by the invaders.

Combat with sword and buckler on the bloody sands of the Ibson Arena.

Resistance raids on the occupied world of Rho-Torkis.

A desperate bid for freedom on an Andromedan farm world.

And speaking the truth to the Federal Senate in the halls of power.

These are some of the battles still to be fought, but little time remains to win them. The Andromedans are everywhere.

For the peoples of the Federation, this is their final chance to hold the line.

Pacifica – Chris A. Jackson

He’ll have to harness the storm to save his homeworld.

Sailing in the Circum-Pacifica Cup is an honor and privilege most Pacificans dream of, but this time Alden Northcliff isn’t racing ahead of the water-world’s global storms for glory. He’s doing it so he can stand on the winner’s podium, shake the governor’s hand, and kill him.

With his fifty-year career in the Federal Fleet left in tatters after a mistake that cost millions of lives, Alden is fighting to save his homeworld—a quest that feels like redemption. But it’s not just leviathans and hurricane winds Alden has to face. Racers are being murdered. The police are cracking down on local communities. Offworld mercenaries strike from the skies. Corporate greed is destroying his homeworld, and the governor is at the center of it. One way or another, this Circum-Pacifica Cup may be Alden’s last.

The Trouble With Time Travel (Seven Rules of Time Travel #2) – Roy Huff

In the four years since he traveled through time to save the world, Quinn Black has settled happily into life as a new space race billionaire, despite the fact he’s no longer able to travel or loop time.

But before long, things start to go horribly wrong. The system he created to save the planet mysteriously begins to malfunction. His team receives a cryptic message, and he’s hurled back into the past once again . . . but with a twist. Now, instead of trying to go back in time, he’s desperate to travel in the other direction and get back to the future.

As he joins forces with a young Dr. Green to help him find his way back to 2025, Quinn discovers a sinister plot, one so complex that Quinn may not be able to unravel it. Now Quinn must change the course of history once again. . . or risk erasing his own.

Vapor Trails (Terran Scout Fleet #3) – Joshua Dalzelle

Marine Lieutenant Jacob Brown was on borrowed time, and he knew it.

He was a rogue element, disobeying orders and pursuing mission goals of his own. His Scout Team had been burned, disavowed by his chain of command and the owner of the stolen ship he was flying was after them to get it back. To make matters even more complicated, the man Jacob had stolen the ship from is an infamous outlaw and mercenary named Jason Burke… his father.

Being hunted down by both the United Earth Navy and the mercenary group that called itself Omega Force, Jacob has only one chance to keep his team out of a military prison and bring down the head of the One World terrorist faction that always seemed to be three steps ahead of him… and that was only if his father didn’t catch him first.

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