GURPS Watch: GURPS Day, Incantation Magic, and Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter!

Monday , 12, September 2016 3 Comments

The growth of Douglas Cole’s GURPS Day roundup has continued throughout this year. A whopping 63 blogs are aggregated there now and more are added every week! Check out the latest installment over at Gaming Ballistic here.

Meanwhile, Steve Jackson Games has launched a Kickstarter for a standalone boxed set featuring everything you need to run a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy campaign. If the piles of D&D variants out there always struck you as “doing it wrong”, you’ll want to see this. And if you liked GURPS, but dreaded having to extract the parts out the system in order to get started… this is this answer to your gamer prayers. If you want to know how this works in actual play in a classic mega-dungeon scenario, check out Peter Dell’Orto’s blog Dungeon Fantastic!

It’s ironic, I know. Gary Gygax had to write AD&D in order to protect us from the spell point systems from games like RuneQuest and The Fantasy Trip. The overall thrust of GURPS gaming was to provide a system that actually made sense in comparison to all those D&D type games out there. But decades down the road, Vancian magic is still pretty well inseparable from the genre of tabletop fantasy role-playing– even by people that haven’t read a page of Jack Vance’s works! If the lack of an old school magic system has been a stumbling block for you vis a vis the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy system, you won’t want to miss Incantation Magic, the 19th supplement for the game which comes to us courtesy of Christopher R. Rice and Antoni Ten Monrós.

Finally… Sean Punch has returned to Douglas Cole’s Firing Squad. Watch the whole thing!

  • Douglas Cole says:

    Thanks for the plug. I will say that a text transcription of the interview is in the works, but will have to wait for Real Life to clean up a bit.

  • Jon M says:

    Dungeon Fantastic might be the best ‘actual play’ series in the blog-o-sphere. Peter nails all of the balancing acts:

    1. between crunch and fluff,
    2. between player’s view and GM’s view
    3. between advice and pure narrative

    It almost makes me want to put away my OSR books and dive into GURPS. Almost. Still too much for me to think about GMing it. At a minimum, after reading Dungeon Fantastic, I’d be open to playing in somebody else’s DF campaign.

  • tweell says:

    I’ll keep my Runequest, thanks. Loved that game!

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