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Yesterday, on the 29th of October, Silver Empire Publishing, a publisher of science fiction, fantasy, and Christian fiction, awoke to find that pre-orders to their newest releases of explicitly Christian science fiction and fantasy were cancelled without notice, and the pages deleted–allegedly by the rights-holders themselves. While the books were eventually restored this afternoon, Silver […]

She invited Joseph into the woods. Whether for a cult or a one night stand, he was not sure, but either way, he followed her. What Joseph encountered instead were Gray kidnappers, aliens who were using corporations to mold humanity into their own genetic image. Some people, enchanted by ancient lies, would get a choice […]

Alt-Hero: Q #2: Not Dead Enough After federal agent Roland Dane survives the successful assassination of the U.S. Secretary of State in Peru, he makes his way back to the United States in secret with the help of a mysterious organization opposed to the global establishment. But when a famous film star is reported dead […]

Cops chasing magical criminals, airship baronesses, embattled chi cultivating martial artists, and unwilling heroes feature in this week’s collection of fantasy’s newest releases. Bad Dreams and Broken Hearts (The Case Files of Erik Rugar #1) – Misha Burnett  It’s hard to fight wizards and demons when all you have is a gun and a badge. […]

Just a short post today, a little reflection on “My Hero Academia” (I know, bear with me) prompted by an already-famous scene from the manga. This is, I think, a good example of why it feels like such a breath air in modern fiction. A warning: What follows is a minor spoiler of season 4. […]

Mecha arena combat, brutal sieges of sky and space, hidden alien genetic machinations, and spacefleets-in-exile feature in this week’s list of science fiction’s newest releases. Captain Henry Gallant (The Henry Gallant Saga #5) – H. Peter Alesso Henry Gallant is the captain of the spacecraft carrier Constellation. He is the last hope of the Marines stranded […]

Is cozy epic a genre? At 178 pages, Noble Brown’s The White Arrow is not a particularly long book, but it is crammed with as much actual content as most thicker volumes.  The action kicks off with the assassination of a king as the poor old monarch struggles to survive the siege of his city.  […]

2010’s The Time Opener saw Valerian and Laureline’s forty-plus year search across space and time for the missing Earth come to an end. Soon after, Pierre Christin and artist Jean-Claude Mézières opened up their universe to a select few writers and artists, to write adventures from the time-travelling couple’s past–or perhaps even their future. Shingouzlooz […]

This week’s fantasy and adventure new releases feature wars between secret societies, unraveling deep-state conspiracies, dragons returning to fantastic worlds, and the Old West turns weird once more. Blood & Iron: Part Three – Eli Steele Magic doesn’t exist, until a mage falls in the streets of Ashmor. In his last moments, he gives Rowan […]

Philo Hergenschmit stars in one of the most creative and interesting book series of the last year.  As with the first two titles in the Yankee Republic series, the third entry, The Tower of the Bear, follows the warm hearted and brilliant engineer as he explores even more of his strange and wonderful world. Over […]

This week’s science fiction new releases feature power-armored holy crusaders, a special ops soldier left out in the cold, and scientists meddling with nature to create a race of alien supersoldiers. Extinction Inferno (Extinction Cycle: Dark Age #2) – Nicholas Sansbury Smith and Anthony J. Melchiorri The government said the Variants were dying off…That the […]

“Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic” and “Magi: The Kingdom of Magic”, its second season, are strange beasts. On MyAnime List it has over an eight out of ten, which is stellar, and its anime adaptation got over fifty episodes and even a prequel. It was put out by one of the bigger name studios, A-1 […]