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“I was trained in the arts of war by the finest military commanders in the empire.” “And I learned to fight in the sleaziest bars of the thieves’ world. Let’s get it on!” In 1997, Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser introduced the readers of the 2000 AD comics anthology to a future where Russia never […]

This week’s science fiction and fantasy new release list features arcane detectives, AI berserkers, cloned space rogues, and storm dragons. A.I. Armada (A.I. # 8) – Vaughn Heppner Years ago, Main 54’s brain-core had to flee his exploding planet-sized warship because of the treachery of Jon Hawkins. Later, Main 54 gained special processors, a new […]

On this week’s Superversive Livestream Ben Wheeler and I have a chat with Brian Niemeier, author of the popular Combat Frame X-Seed series and his new non-fiction book Don’t Give Money to People Who Hate You. Check it out!

As Armando Catalano, a holy relic dealer, raids the underground tombs of 18th century Rome for the bones of martyred saints, a prince of the Church plots with a Gypsy poisoner to murder him. For Armando bears the mark of the scorpion on his shoulder, a devil’s mark identifying him as the son of a […]

In THE HERETICS OF ST. POSSENTI, Bishop Thomas Cranberry finds himself at a loss when he is confronted by a thief and realizes some disturbing truths about himself. The experience sends him in search of the men who are increasingly absent from the Church, who find themselves at a loss in a world that has […]

Deadly alien games, pulp champions, and electronic warfare fill this week’s science fiction new releases. Annihilation! (Outcast Starship #1) – Joshua James and Daniel Young A disgraced captain. An alien invasion. One last shot at redemption. When Eli Bryce stumbles upon a plot to attack Earth, he shrugs it off. He’s not in the Earth-saving […]

(What follows is a repost from April 2017, updated to include the chinoiserie explosion of the past three years.) Readers familiar with the Pulp Revolution have certainly by now heard that with the death of the pulps, many genres fell out of favor. Hero pulps, sword and sorcery, and planetary romance have all declined from […]

Spies, thief-takers, and guild politics fill this week’s fantasy new releases. Cirsova Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense: Summer Special #2 – edited by P. Alexander Eleven tales of heroic adventure, including: “Just Don’t Open the Door” by Mark Pellegrini Sean lives next to a weird house with bricked-up windows and an overgrown yard… One […]

I am much less interested in figuring out why something is bad then I am in figuring out why something is GOOD. This is integral to how I approach analysis. People have accused me in the past, because I now watch more than I read, of passively consuming my media, taking dopamine hits without engaging. […]

In 1939, while science fiction was on the cusp of its first successful bid for recognition, a small fanzine, Futuria Fantasia, presented the first story by the legendary Ray Bradbury. Titled “The Pendulum”, this story hinted at Bradbury’s future works, which Leigh Brackett declared as not science fiction, but too wonderful not to be included. More Gothic Weird […]

Time-traveling warships, giant robot rebels, and virus hunters feature in this week’s science fiction new releases. A Gulf in the Past (The Progenitors’ War #2) – Chris Kennedy Lieutenant Commander Shawn ‘Calvin’ Hobbs and the crew of the Vella Gulf have gone back in time to get the technology they needed to beat the Enemy […]

In early January 1932, Robert E. Howard in a letter to H. P. Lovecraft had this to say: “I love peace, yet I wouldnt [sic] mind a war right now such a hell of a lot, if the country was prepared; but it isnt [sic]. Japan knows it; that’s why she thinks she can kick […]