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No, John DiFool, you understand nothing! I am not a computer. I am alive, just like you! And destiny has brought us together to restore justice to the universe. – The Incal The 1980s saw the pages of Metal Hurlant and Heavy Metal filled the strange allegorical journey that is The Incal. Writer Alejandro Jodorowsky […]

Mysterious starships, alien invaders, magical queens, and betrayed dragons fill this week’s new releases. Ashes Fall (Ember War: The Ibarra Crusade #1) – Richard Fox Earth suffers under a brutal alien occupation. But one young man from beyond the galaxy’s edge brings hope. Ely Hale returns to the Earth with a desperate plea from his […]

The sequel to Alexander Hellene’s The Last Ancestor, entitled The Second Sojourn, has been recently released in ebook and paperback. With a forthcoming review in the works, let’s take a look back at the first of The Swordbringer series. Alexander Hellene’s The Last Ancestor follows the last remnant of Christianity in the galaxy, now on the alien […]

Dueling dungeon lords, FTL space races, and a deadly Green-goo nanite swarm transform this week’s new releases. Corruption (The Necromancer’s Key #2) – Mitchell Hogan When a depraved rot is exposed at the heart of the Order, Anskar is forced to confront the growing power of the dusk- and dark-tides within himself, and find a […]

They told me they needed me to go to Samaris, as the rumors had been going on too long… …and the only way to put a stop to them was to send someone there to see what was really happening. On a counter-Earth 180 degrees removed from our own, a young officer in service to […]

Ancient dungeon administrators, hidden Terran rebels, and rival military services lead this week’s new release list. Anima (Artorian’s Archives #6) – Dennis Vanderkerken and Dakota Krout New world. Old problems. Even gods must die. Artorian has been given the lovely opportunity to run a realm and sort out all of its inherent issues. Not only […]

Along with 1,000 others from Earth, Ivan Susanin is transported to the System, to fight in a clash of alien pantheons that will determine the fate of each world. Those who refused the “honor” are dead, and those who die will be replaced. Those who fail to fight well will be stranded in the City […]

Cutting edge electronic warfare, far-future transhuman empires, Roman legionnaires, and the Empress of Dreams adorn this week’s list of new releases. Allegiance (Jackson Quick #1) – Tom Abrahams A conspiracy so big, it takes a microscope to see it. Beer, redheads, and politics… Jackson Quick should have known better. First, he trusted a Texas politician. […]

The first three volumes of the 2020 edition of the Junior Classics are now available at Castalia Direct as well as on Amazon. The digital editions will be made available after they are sent to the backers. They are an ideal resource for homeschoolers. Vol. I Fairy Tales & Fables Vol. II Myths & Legends Vol. III Tales of Greece […]

“The thing that rose to its feet was no longer Xerdes, Menuvian outlaw. “It was no longer a man at all. “What emerged was an instrument of inviolate vengeance.” – Razorfist, The Long Moonlight During a second-floor job in Menuvia’s richer districts, professional thief Xerdes overhears the name of a man he once watched die. […]

Raygun Romans, mecha mercenaries, and prolific pulpsters loom large in this week’s newest releases. Ascension – Sam Ferguson Gorliad is the first crowned prince to hatch in centuries. But can he rule? Destined to one day conquer a kingdom of his own, he begins his rigorous training and progresses wonderfully. That is, until a rival […]

Help Cirsova Magazine celebrate five years of thrilling adventure and daring suspense. The Anniversary issue will also feature a serialized Wild Stars novel, more Mongoose and Meerkat, more Rogues of Merth, a reprint of 1980s indie comic Badaxe, interior illustrations, and even an appearance from Touhou Project’s memetic magical cat Chen. Check out the Kickstarter […]