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This Sunday Ben Wheeler discussed the execrable Hugo nominees while I joined in later to talk about the much more interesting subject of – you guessed it – anime. It was fun! Take a listen:

Criticism (Brian Niemeier) – Nonetheless, I can sympathize with the rocket scientists, engineers, and network admins who groan at authorial violations of physical laws. That’s because I contend that the single most hamhandedly misrepresented and abused science in all of fiction is mine, the queen and mistress of all sciences, theology. Now, hard SF usually provides […]

Tubemonkey, by Jerome Bixby, appeared in the Winter 1949 issue of Planet Stories. It can be read here at It’s no big, scalable concept like The Dead-Star Rover, but Tubemonkey does offer some compelling fodder for your space rpg. At some point, there’s a chance that space radiation will fry your brain and turn […]

This Sunday authors Ben Wheeler, Ben Steven A. M. Freeman, and I, Anthony Marchetta, had a casual livestream where we discussed everything from our current works in progress to anime to just our lives in general. Since we all get along well and enjoy talking with each other the discussion went on for a few […]

My friend Steve Tompkins has been gone for ten years as of March 23. Seems like yesterday I found out about his passing. I had had a bad feeling as I could not get in touch with him and it turned out to be the worst. Steve was a writer of non-fiction. There is a […]

The Unremembered, by Paul Lohrman, appeared in the May 1950 issue of Amazing Stories. It can be read here at We wrap up this issue of Amazing Stories with The Unremembered by Paul Lohrman (probably Richard S. Shaver). It’s almost short enough to have been relegated to flash status (Amazing ran many pieces of […]

We take a break from our regularly scheduled review of old pulp stories to tell you about some new stories you may want to check out! The Spring issue of the All-New Cirsova Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense is out now! The big star of the spring issue, of course, is the brand-new […]

Science Fiction Fandom (Wastland and Sky): At last we reach the end of this series. It’s been quite a ride! We’ve gone through the development of genre fiction from the early Gothic Horror days up until the then-current New Wave movement and everything in between. For such a straightforward book it has certainly gone all […]

Previously, I discussed Asimov’s three kinds of science fiction: gadget, adventure, and social. And while the trio of gimmick, social, and adventure science fictions better describes the wild and woolly mess of science fiction than the binary set of hard and soft science fiction, new sub-genres have cropped up that don’t quite match the categories Asimov […]

United We Stand, by Mack Reynolds, appeared in the May 1950 issue of Amazing Stories. It can be read here at United We Stand is an experimental story told almost entirely in the form of short news-clippings, excerpts of speeches, and broadcast transcripts. Think Dracula, only each excerpt is a paragraph or two instead […]

The Psyche Steps Out was published in the May 1950 issue of Amazing Stories. Though attributed to the Ziff-Davis house-name “Gerald Vance”, its author is unknown. It can be read here at Look. The “[Pulp Story] is Isekai” meme is getting worn out. I’m tired of it. But dammit, sometimes a story hits all […]

Castalia House is pleased to offer nearly 90 minutes of hard-core military science fiction action in the form of the WARDOGS INC. #1: BATTLESUIT BASTARDS extended audio sample. Written by G.D. Stark and narrated by Jon Mollison. All war is murder for profit. Some people are just more open about it. WARDOGS INCORPORATED is one of […]