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Grappling is probably one of the oldest forms of combat on the planet. It’s also the form of combat most often used when animals are hunting (some of them, like constrictor snakes, exclusively so). It’s also one that both children, animals, and child animals do instinctively for play. And yet the rules are so often […]

This is another of those stories that starts off with the protagonist suffering from amnesia. Now, that might seem like a tiresome cliché by now… but really, the freakier your setting is the more that sort of thing starts to look like a great trick for gradually easing the reader in to just how everything works. […]

Astounding Science Fiction changed its name to Analog Science Fact–Fiction with the October 1962 issue. Periodically at a Yahoo Group that I belong, someone will mention how badly Analog deteriorated in the 1960s from it former glory in the 1940s. John W. Campbell as editor of Astounding Stories (later Astounding Science Fiction) starting in 1937 […]

Note: If you have not read the original Hugo-winning The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas, by Ursula Le Guin track it down and do so now. It — like this non-canonical sequel — is short: less than four pages.   The Ones Who Scourge Omelas Still sickened and silent by their own witness, the children – now […]

“And te tide and te time þat tu iboren were, schal beon iblescet.”                                                                                     […]

This book is superb. It’s not just a rip roaring yarn, either. It also explains a great deal about old school fantasy that you’re liable to have not even wondered about. For instance, it reveals that the most important “half elf” race throughout history was not the product of an epic elf/human romance, but was […]