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In 1969, the pulp ethos was still alive and well. In this fourth volume of the Dumarest series which came out in that year, our hero finds himself on Logis. This civilized world has an institution called the “Bloodtime”, a three day period in which all laws are suspended. Pandemonium naturally ensues as people pay […]

Castalia House is very pleased to be able to congratulate both John C. Wright and Nick Cole, Castalia House authors and winners of inaugural Dragon Awards in the categories Best Science Fiction Novel (SOMEWHITHER: A TALE OF THE UNWITHERING REALM) and Best Apocalyptic Novel (CTRL-ALT-REVOLT!). And congratulations to all the other winners, including Larry Correia […]

Dead Man Walking: Lucius Shepard’s Green Eyes Green Eyes was published in 1984, originally by Ace. It is currently available as a Kindle e-book published by, which seems to specialize in reprints of classic genre fiction. The e-book copy of Green Eyes that I purchased is well formatted and free of errors. This book […]

We might be in the middle of a spontaneous movement of small press fantastic adventure fiction. Return of the Sword, Griots, Swords of Steel, Skelos, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Swords and Sorcery Magazine have a D.I.Y. attitude. I think there has been a reaction against the blandness and “whoosification” of fantasy fiction from the big book […]

Queen of the Martian Catacombs by Leigh Brackett appeared in the Summer 1949 issue of Planet Stories. It can be found here on Internet Archive. Queen of the Martian Catacombs introduced the world to Eric John Stark, one of the last great pulp heroes, in a messy and chaotic romp across the wilds of a […]

Ray Bradbury called him the most influential writer in the entire history of the world. What are people saying on his birthday today…? Bob Leeper at Nerdvana emphasizes the epic scope of the man’s influence: “If the artists, authors and filmmakers who created every single one of those pop culture mainstays, and the professionals who […]

We’ve spent a lot of time here delving into the ups and downs of several movements within science fiction and fantasy– the Campbellian Revolution, the New Wave, the tremendous changes that occurred in publishing in the late seventies, etc. We’ve broken stories here uncovering how both fandom and publishing are pretty well divorced from the […]