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The Devils of Po Sung by Bassett Morgan appeared in the December 1927 issue of Weird Tales and was the featured Weird Story Reprint in the March 1939 issue. A scanned pdf of this issue can be found here at I’ll admit, at first I had a bit of a tough time getting into The Devils of […]

Fantasyland meets Army Rangers, space elves lie, and the Wild West gets strange in this week’s new releases.  Bedlam (Dragon Wars #16) – Craig Halloran Blind-sided by the enemy is one thing, but side-blinded by your own cuts twice as deep.  The mission is simple, lay low until the time to reveal themselves comes, but […]

Dungeon cores, mecha designs, magic-crushing assassins, and sticky-fingered sorceresses fill this week’s new releases. Combat Frame XSeed: Illustrated Combat Frame Tech Guide – Brian Niemeier The future is over. Yet weapons technology marches on, reaching its pinnacle in the mighty combat frame! The Combat Frame XSeed saga chronicles the battles waged by these and other […]

Horror (Dark Herald): The reason is simple enough, before the Enlightenment, people believed in the supernatural. It wasn’t a matter of ignorance, it was a matter of everyday life. If you believed in the Bible, you believed in the supernatural. It was filled with the stuff. Games (Walker’s Retreat): Around the end of 2013, a […]

Cyberpunk mercenaries, not-so immortal cultivators, and the crime mysteries of Ray Bradbury adorn this week’s new release list. The Acheron – Rick Partlow Sandi and Ash never set out to be heroes. She joined the Fleet to please her mother, the Admiral. He signed up to escape the grinding poverty of the Housing Blocks. And […]

Discover interstellar cops, cyberpunk agents, and vengeance-driven chi cultivators in this week’s new releases. Alliance Rising (The Star Guild Saga #3) – Brandon Ellis The aliens want her dead. Easier said than done. Ali, archaeologist and expert at cuneiform translation, knows about the long-departed Anunnaki slavers, not just because of the ancient writings she has […]

In this week in Science Fiction and Fantasy, humans are under the microscope as an invasive species, a special forces unit strives to prevent the spread of an interstellar empire, and a collection of fantasy stories by David C. Smith appears for the first time in 40 years. Final Days: Colony (Final Days #2) – […]

This week’s fantasy new releases feature Appalachian witches, sellswords-turned-usurpers, and vampire hunters more dangerous than the vampires they pursue. Blood Creek Phantom (Blood Creek Series #3) – Jay Barnson An army of the living and an army of the dead converge on the Crossroads, and the fate of two worlds hangs in the balance. Sean […]

The Legends of Men blog has an emphasis on masculinity whether on philosophy, fiction, fitness, popular culture etc. About two years ago, Jared and my paths crossed on social media and we struck up some conversations. Last year, I discussed sword and sorcery fiction with him on his blog. Jared has started producing a new […]

The Savage Wars, a litRPG inside a derelict space station, and a lone gunslinger grace this week’s newest science fiction releases. Banishment (The Forgotten Empire #1) – Raymond L. Weil Can Earth save the Human Empire? The Confederation consists of the seven oldest races in known space. They control a vast section of the galaxy. […]

Heroism (Rogue Blades Entertainment): “The heroic books, even if printed in the character of our mother tongue, will always be in a language dead to degenerate times …” Henry David Thoreau wrote those words in the mid-19th Century for his distinguished book, Walden. They rang true then and they ring true today. Of course there […]

This is a guest blog post from Richard who has contributed a few items over the years. I looked at L. Sprague de Camp’s “The Stronger Spell” a few weeks back. Richard has recently read or re-read the stories in the series and has an opinion: L. Sprague de Camp’s discovery of heroic fantasy through […]