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We interrupt our regularly scheduled review of the pulps for this important and exciting interview with The QuQu and Dan Wolfgang, the team behind QuQu Media, who are with us today to talk about science fiction, new media, and the Alt-Furry. Short Reviews will return next week with Asteroid of Fear! Alex: Thanks to both […]

I ran across Peter Grant’s Walls, Wires, Bars and Souls while working on the Brings the Lightning review and despite not being published by Castalia House it thoroughly deserves its own review. My only complaint about the book is the long *** title so will abbreviate it to WWB&S. Peter mentioned he put his heart […]

Scott Cole: From the Cirsova zine submission guidelines: “Original short stories between 2000-7500 words, specifically those in the vein of Leigh Brackett, Jack Vance, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Fritz Leiber and Robert E. Howard” What other old school authors do you enjoy and hope influence the content? P. Alexander: One of the reasons why I list […]

Beyond reading some Louis L’Armour and watching Clint Eastwood I’ve never delved too deep into the Western genre. Recently, I wanted a change of pace and stumbled across Brings the Lightening.  The story; of a paroled Confederate veteran named Walt and his quest to begin a new life out West sounded interesting, but the first scene, in which Walt avoids an ambush by equal measures of luck […]

Last week, I came across something interesting in my WordPress Reader feed – Someone was starting a brand new pro-level science fiction magazine, Compelling Science Fiction, and was looking for submissions for their first issue.  As someone who was just tipping his toe into the SFF magazine market, I was more than a little intrigued, […]

The Death & Taxes boxed set is crammed so full, it’s liable to break out of the shrink-wrap on its own! When one showed up in the mail courtesy of Lesser Gnome games, I had to know more about how something this epic got put together, so I went straight to the source and interviewed […]

Short Reviews will return next week with Ross Rocklynne’s “The Bubble Dwellers”. I recently tore myself away from the pulps and my own Appendix N reading to check out Torchship by Karl Gallagher. The book has come out to rave reviews, including Winchell Chung’s Atomic Rockets Seal of Approval with “a platinum star with diamond […]

I recently contacted Ken St. Andre in order to confirm some of the claims I had made regarding the literary antecedents of his Tunnels & Trolls role-playing game, the second role-playing game ever created. (Update: more details on the “#2 rpg” debate are here.) Before he’d talk to me, he wanted to know why I was […]

Viidad’s Q and A with David The Good concerning the latest Castalia House release, the number one gardening bestseller on Amazon: COMPOST EVERYTHING: The Good Guide to Extreme Composting. Viidad: Why did you write Compost Everything? David The Good: I suppose I should say “because I love our mother the earth” or “because I want […]

Jeffro: So how was Madicon? I’m usually playing games the whole time so I rarely get to sit in on the various panels and discussions. Did you get laughed out of town by the college kids? Thomas Mays: First of all, congratulations to you on your Hugo nomination for Fan Writer. This is a very big thing! […]

Dr. Martin van Creveld, Professor Emeritus of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, is one of the world’s leading writers on military history and strategy, with a special interest in the future of war. He is fluent in Hebrew, German, Dutch, and English, and has authored more than twenty books. He is known for his development of […]