Castalia House is looking for excellent writers who reject the modern and postmodern dogmas so prevalent in science fiction and fantasy today. We are looking for writers who believe there is a fundamental distinction between good and evil. We are interested in writers who harken back to the Golden Age of SF and the Inklings. We are seeking writers who respect the past as much as they anticipate the future. We want to publish writers with souls, writers with chests, writers who possess a sense of the numinous and the ineffable. We hope to hear from authors who are just as interested in telling a fascinating story and entertaining the reader as they are in demonstrating literary pyrotechnics.

We do NOT require exclusive submissions. We will guarantee a response within six months. In most cases, rejections will be provided in a simple form letter that will not explain the reason for the rejection; this is not a writers’ workshop.

Format: Email submissions only. EPUB preferred. PDF, Microsoft Word / LibreOffice .doc or .docx is acceptable. Submissions should consist of a single document containing:

  1. a one-page synopsis
  2. the completed manuscript.

Epub files are also acceptable. However, we still require all of the relevant information to be included in a single file and we would prefer it if submitters would recognize the following xhtml-formatting conventions:

  • —TEXT— should be —TEXT—
  • TEXT– should be TEXT–
  • should be …
  • …. should be ….
  • <i>TEXT</i> should be <em>TEXT</em>

If you are using Sigil to create your epub file, remember to ALWAYS MAKE ALL MODIFICATIONS IN CODE VIEW. Do not use Book View.

Email: Submissions

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