In Science Fiction’s lost Golden Age, legendary editor John Campbell occasionally provided various ideas to different writers and then published the resulting stories in Astounding Science Fiction. In like manner, these are general concepts that we are interested in seeing submitted to us. Please keep in mind that at present, the shortest works we publish are novellas of at least 15,000 words.

  1. ROUND TWO: a well-researched, militarily-credible Red Storm Rising-style treatment of the next American Civil War.
  2. WWIII IN THE PACIFIC: a Chinese grab for Taiwan or a war with Japan.
  3. EPIC FANTASY SERIES: we have one. We would like to start another.
  4. EPIC SPACE FLEET SERIES: think Wing Commander and Battlestar Galactica.
  5. HEIAN JAPANESE FANTASY: something set in the world of the Shining Prince as per Sei Shonagan and Shikibu. Complete with poems.
  6. HURRY UP AND DIE: a novel or serious non-fiction study of the Baby Boom generation, their historical legacy, and Generation X’s perspective on them.

While we normally require completed drafts for submissions, in the case of Castalia Concept-based submissions, we are willing to review five-chapter novel submissions of the book or series so long as they are accompanied by a complete and detailed outline. Novella submissions should still consist of complete drafts.