Science Fiction

transhuman_256“Science fiction looks to the future, or to the extraterrestrial wonders of the present, or to anything odd and above the merely quotidian to inspire and fire our dreams. The very core of science fiction is the certainty that the future is uncertain, that things change, either in progress or regress or both at once, and even the most unimaginative imagination must admit that the future world and extraterrestrials worlds are unimaginable. It offers an escape from the everyday, which even those who hate escapism cannot call escapist. What is science fiction for? One might as well ask what a window in a jail cell is for, or what a magic mirror in a wizard’s cell is for.”

– John C. Wright, Transhuman and Subhuman: Essays on Science Fiction and Awful Truth

It is Castalia House’s ambition to become one of the leading science fiction publishing houses and the foremost publisher of Mil-SF and Blue SF in the tradition of classic science fiction from the John Campbell era. Towards that goal, we have established relationships with several well-known science fiction authors, including the following: