Vox Day (SF)


The independent planet of Rhysalan provides Sanctuary to 1,462 governments-in-exile. It is the responsibility of the Xenocriminology and Alien Relations department of the Military Crimes Investigation Division to keep a firm leash on the hundreds of thousands of xenos residing on-planet. Assassinations, revolutions, civil wars, and attempted planetary genocides are all in a day’s work for Chief Warrant Officer Graven Tower, MCID-XAR.In addition to a missile-armed aerovar, his trusty Sphinx CPB-18, and MCID’s extremely liberal policies concerning collateral damage and civilian casualties, Chief Tower is assisted by his extreme xenophobia as well as a military-grade augmented machine intelligence that believes it has found God. So when the disintegrated remnants of the heir apparent of an alien royal house are discovered on the streets of Trans Paradis, the question is not so much whether the killers will eventually be found, but if it is the criminals or the crime investigators who will contribute more to the final body count.

QUANTUM MORTIS is the new action-packed Mil-SF mystery series from Vox Day, author of the epic fantasy series Arts of Dark and Light. Written with Steve Rzasa, QUANTUM MORTIS A Man Disrupted is the first novel in the series featuring Graven Tower, MCID.


When an alien ambassador is found dead in orbit while returning to his home planet accompanied by a company of mercenaries from Wardogs Incorporated, suspicions are naturally aroused. But uncovering the truth isn’t deemed to be in the interest of the planetary administration, which would just as soon pretend the ambassador’s death was an accident. And when Chief Warrant Officer Graven Tower arrives at the scene of the crime, another question is soon raised: are MCID’s dynamic investigation methods truly compatible with thinly armored spaceship hulls?Written with Steve Rzasa, QUANTUM MORTIS Gravity Kills is a novella in the fast-paced series featuring Graven Tower, MCID.

QM_TPM_256QUANTUM MORTIS A Mind Programmed

Centuries before Chief Warrant Officer Graven Tower joined MCID, the Greater Terran Ascendancy found itself facing a historic crisis when the Shiva-class cruiser ATSV Rigel went missing during a routine patrol through the Kantillon sector. Fortunately for the great star-spanning Terran empire, the Ascendancy Intelligence Directorate’s top operative, Daniela York is on the scene. But is she capable of penetrating the lethal plot being executed by House Dai Zhan’s ruthless assassins, especially after the Directorate discovers that the cyborgs of the Man-Machine Integration may be involved?QUANTUM MORTIS The Programmed Mind is a tightly plotted, intense spy thriller that lays the deep historical foundation for the futuristic science fiction world of Quantum Mortis. A masterful literary remix of a true SF classic.