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October 8th was the 100th year birthday of science fiction writer Frank Herbert. Of course, he is best remembered for Dune. His first story was in Doc Savage in 1946. His next story was in Startling Stories in 1952.  Thereafter he had stories mostly in Astounding Science Fiction/Analog with appearances in Galaxy, Amazing Stories, Fantastic […]

Fiction (DMR Books): One hundred years ago today, A. Merritt‘s novella/short novel, “The Conquest of the Moon Pool,” was unleashed upon an eager public. The story which spawned it, “The Moon Pool,” had been met with such an outpouring of enthusiasm by the readership of All-Story Weekly that the pulp’s legendary editor, Robert H. Davis, […]

World-building is frequently mentioned as a vital aspect of science fiction and fantasy alike.  According to certain critics, it’s what distinguishes standard, forgettable fare from the all-time great works.  They will write paragraph after paragraph praising a book for solely this trait. And yet, while an important element, I have found that it’s far from […]

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