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Yumiko Moth has discovered her name, but she still does not know who, or what, she is. What she has learned is that her mother is dead, her master has disowned her, and her beloved has vanished. And she also knows that the Day world is a very dangerous place for a Twilight girl, especially […]

This is from Daughter of Danger: The Dark Avenger’s Sidekick, Book One. It is the fourth in John C. Wright’s wonderful Moth & Cobweb dodecology. *     *     *      *      * The Three Intruders A strange, painful sensation of hope came across her then. It was like a sick, hot feeling […]

This is an excerpt from Moth & Cobweb Book 6, Tithe to Tartarus, Castalia House’s newest release. The entire Moth & Cobweb series, beginning with Swan Knight’s Son, is now available via Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. *     *     *      *      * Yumiko was unwilling to step onto the catwalk because she […]

Castalia House is pleased to announce that TITHE TO TARTARUS, the sixth volume of John C. Wright’s wonderful Moth & Cobweb dodecology, is now available for purchase. *     *     *      *      * Inflicted with amnesia, Yumiko Ume Moth has managed to discover the identity of the lost love whom […]

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